PetSmart's national pet-adoption weekend

Tips for families looking to welcome a new pet into their home.
2:26 | 05/06/17

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Transcript for PetSmart's national pet-adoption weekend
All right. Take a look at some of our viewers' pets as we mark national adoption week. Bring a little love into your home. Joining us Andrea Arden with advice on how to do just that. We have some help here. Who is making that news? Joshua. He's so excited. Joshua. He's shaking. Rat terrier who apparently has been placed with Paula and unhappy about it. Hera, a 7-month-old -- Adrienne and I have kittens. Giuseppe and Marcelo. Brothers and goldfish by Robert and a Guinea pig named almond with Ronald. Okay. You've got almond. What is your advice for the first time pet owner. For somebody who it is their first pet a good option is a fish or a Guinea pig, Guinea pigs happen to be one of my favorite pets, super playful and friendly but relatively -- Paula, is that one -- Maybe. Failure. Failure. Cruella de Faris. What kind of advice do you have for families with kids who want to adopt a pet. One of the most important things to consider when you have kids is it's an animal with a temperament that's appropriate for the high activity level of children and great opportunity to go out if you're interested in a cat or dog and meet lots of different animals which is important. Test drive them, get to know them at PetSmarts across the country. It's national adoption weekend as you mentioned before. What do you think is the -- what accounts for the fact this dog was so unhappy with Paula but this cat is so happy. What do you think? Let's try again. Let's try again. Fresh start. These kittens happen to be super chill and easy going but here's a good example. It is based on the temperament of the animal. A dog who is a little high energy, granted a puppy and cat who is are really laid back. So as much as we can make generalizations about types of animals appropriate for different people, it depends on -- I was just kidding. Look at Paula. What a success she is now. Okay. The cats and dogs who join us this weekend, we should say, are available for adoption through the humane society of New York and I just always want to say that you should always no matter where you are think about adopting an animal. A great way to save a life and improve your own.

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{"id":47245863,"title":"PetSmart's national pet-adoption weekend","duration":"2:26","description":"Tips for families looking to welcome a new pet into their home.","url":"/GMA/video/petsmarts-national-pet-adoption-weekend-47245863","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}