Peyton Manning's Tearful Good-Bye to Football

The Denver Broncos quarterback announced he is retiring after an 18-year career in the NFL.
4:02 | 03/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Peyton Manning's Tearful Good-Bye to Football
That is something about eighteen years. They teams are good number. And today don't retire and pro football. Thank you to the Indianapolis Colts organization. And all the fans across this country. You can't fathom how much I enjoyed about fourteen years that are of the war the my family feels for you. Grateful is the word that comes to my mind when thinking of the Denver Broncos. I want to thank pat bower his family. Joseph Ellis John Elway John Fox hear it Kubiak and their staffs. For an all this support people in this great organization. To all of let Denver teammates. Thank you for what you've done for the sole Cordoba. And of course my gratitude to the Broncos fans everywhere. There's no way to measure are properly express. What a family like mine can mean. Moll. Corporate Eli extended family you all are the best. And Ashley. Your support is as potent a motor graders in there. Ashley's my actions Marshall are mostly around for a couple years but they have changed my life forever. We reports Super Bowl are mostly that's me daddy gives us the last game just Mosley is the last game of the season. Ushered in what should we're metro. A due to mostly. And that's what we're going to try to do. This yes dating. Business the last game ever. Passes when I shook my head in amazement was mostly Jim Morton Adam sheltered gotten enough year old daughter. We've sold one thoroughly exhausts and experience. They can't help but Revere. A Revere football I won't begin. So you don't have to wondering about mrs. absolutely. Absolutely. We'll. I'm has put kind of play with Tom Moran Adam gates have been sort of touched down on Sunday. On Friday's numbers picking up game balls of my equipment guys. And talking football broadcast crews before the game and afterwards numbers recap in the game but it. And checking to see if the giants warm. Nicole Angela. As were both team buses. A missed that handshake between operating. And I missed the plane ride through Britain in particular three teammates standing in the aisles laughing and celebrating. During the whole flight. On this plane and soul in front of so many great experience both at home and on the road. Now even as patriot fans from Foxborough. And they shouldn't miss me. They sure did get a lot of wins all. And this is important football fans everywhere need to know how much they meant to me over the years. Fans who were at the core of what makes this game remarkable. I'll receive more letters from you that I can count fan letters that touched me made me think left and moved from being attacked. Look a lot from our mistakes stumbles and losses in football. I also want this game is a mighty platform that is given me of voice. But your actual well beyond the game. I look back in my adult career I'll know without a doubt I do everything I had helped my team's walk away with a win. The robber players who are more talented but there was no war who could help prepare. The because of that I have no regrets. There's scripture reading circuit Timothy force I have all the good fight and I finished the race I've kept the faith. Well I've fought the good fight. Finish my football race. And after eighteen years its tire. God bless all of you. Got us football.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The Denver Broncos quarterback announced he is retiring after an 18-year career in the NFL.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37468041","title":"Peyton Manning's Tearful Good-Bye to Football","url":"/GMA/video/peyton-mannings-tearful-good-bye-football-37468041"}