Could You Hit Both Powerball, Mega Millions Jackpots?

Lotto fever has swept the country as two jackpots have soared at the same time.
2:42 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Could You Hit Both Powerball, Mega Millions Jackpots?
No you to that big bout of lottery fever across the country. Both the powerball and mega millions jackpots are soaring. We've never seen a pair like this at the same time. Abc's gio benitez has the story. Reporter: This morning at least $740 million are up for grabs in back-to-back jackpots. First up, tonight's mega millions drawing now worth 190 millcks. And then the big one, tomorrow night, $550 million powerball jackpot, the second highest ever. And those in it to win it in 1 of these 43 states plus d.C. And the virgin isl have a fighting chance at cashing in on both, but what are the odds? The chances of winning either is 1 in 175 million, but the chance of a two-time winning ticket, one statistician tells us a staggering 1 in 30quadrillion, a number so big it doesn't even fit on the screen. Seven-time lottery winner richard lustig suggests smart ways to play those odds. Play those same set of numbers. Don't ever change them and don't ever miss a draw. And what ahose office pools where you'd have to share the winnings. In a pool you're increasing your chances of winning and, therefore, I'd rather have a piece of the pie than no pie at all. Reporter: And it's a big pie. In part because more states have joined in on these games than ever before. California joined us the 1st of april and that's made it grow even faster. Reporter: A tip for anyone playing this weekend, check your ticket immediately. This chicago man who had a ton of bills facing eviction forgot about a lottery ticket he bought months ago and dropped in a cookie jar. It was a winner and wednesday he collected his $4.85 million check. After all is said and done, we will have our home paid off. So lucky. How did the jackpot get so big? Well, nobody won this week, but that may all change this weekend. Perhaps even here at our studio, I got you all some powerball tickets. All right! Whoo-hoo! A winner. We'll share. I know everybody here -- there we go. Lara is holding on to yours, right here. Thank you, gio. Wait a second. These guys are right. We'll share these all. We're going to win. Oh, no. Oh, no. Not sharing with you people. Save us.

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{"id":19199972,"title":"Could You Hit Both Powerball, Mega Millions Jackpots?","duration":"2:42","description":"Lotto fever has swept the country as two jackpots have soared at the same time.","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-mega-millions-lotto-winning-numbers-hit-jackpots-19199972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}