Preliminary autopsy reveals new details about death of LSU student

The death of a college freshman at LSU is being described as a "potential hazing incident."
2:32 | 09/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Preliminary autopsy reveals new details about death of LSU student
Thank you, Kenneth. We're learning more this morning about what may have caused the recent death of a college freshman at lsu, which is being described as a quote potential hazing incident. This comes as Maxwell Gruver's grieving family is speaking out. Aerielle reshef joins us with more. Reporter: Less than a month ago, max Gruver's family was moving him into the dorm. Now they're mourning. This morning, anguish and a push for answers as the heart broken family of Louisiana state university freshman max Gruver prepares for his funeral. We will never know what he might have contributed to the world. Reporter: A preliminary autopsy showing the the pledge had a highly elevated blood alcohol level. Administrators calling this a possible situation of hazing. If there is is evidence that someone was hazed, we'll take action. Reporter: Hazing has not been proven to be involved in his death. The fraternity's national organization is suspending the lsu chapter. And promises that individuals that violated policies will be held accountable. The fraternity tells ABC news, over the past decade, phi delta theta has removed 19 undergraduate chant eers. Allegations of misconduct, like alcohol-related incidents. Doug fire berg recently settling a lawsuit on behalf of a university of Chicago pledge. The universities and fraternities are not takinging the steps, this goes back decades -- to prevent these problems and reform their institutions. We're all devastated by this. Reporter: And intensified scrutiny. After incidents like the death of Timothy piazza. Our family is devastated. Reporter: Gruver's grandfather describing his has a lover of sports and writing. The fraternity will review health and safety policy. Saying our goal is and always has been to HP every individual meet their full potential. This is why the situation is particularly heart breaking. Dan? Paula? Really sad. We keep hearing stories like these. Thank you.

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{"id":49906748,"title":"Preliminary autopsy reveals new details about death of LSU student","duration":"2:32","description":"The death of a college freshman at LSU is being described as a \"potential hazing incident.\"","url":"/GMA/video/preliminary-autopsy-reveals-details-death-lsu-student-49906748","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}