Presidents' Day Offers Moment to Teach Children History

Why it is so important for kids to learn how America chooses its president.
1:29 | 02/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Presidents' Day Offers Moment to Teach Children History
Welcome back, everybody. For the president's day week end, we're focusing on teaching your children about the commander in chief. Here to help is brad staft of free election Thank you and welcome to the show. Why sit important to teach our kids about the process of electing a president? Choosing a president is perhaps the most fundamental part of our American item okay si. No better time to turn our kids into active engaged young adults. My kid has told me I'm going the cry if you vote for a particular can't. How do you help your children pick a candidate? Ignore what the media focuses og on. Focus on things like character, core values. The core issues. Besides bribery, which I probably have to implement. How you to make the process fun and engaging? You to take your kids to vote with you. The memory of voting can last a lifetime for your child. Our research shows that animated video is the best way to get kidded engaged. We made a video about the process. We think it's so important that we're giving it away for every child in America for free at You said that one time that you went, the first time you were able to vote, one of those monumental times in your life. You remember it clearly. It lasts a lifetime. Brad so great to have you in studio. A reminder to parents. Great discussion to have with your children.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"Why it is so important for kids to learn how America chooses its president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36930493","title":"Presidents' Day Offers Moment to Teach Children History","url":"/GMA/video/presidents-day-offers-moment-teach-children-history-36930493"}