Trump believes he has legal authority to fire Robert Mueller: AP

The president has become angry and frustrated with the ongoing Russia investigation.
5:22 | 06/17/17

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Transcript for Trump believes he has legal authority to fire Robert Mueller: AP
Back at home this morning we're hearing reports of an increasingly frustrated president trump who is dealing with that unremitting drumbeat of news about the Russia investigation. The associated press quotes trump advisers and confidants describing an angry president yelling at television sets covering coverage. He has told associates he believes he has the legal authority to fire Robert Mueller. ABC's David Wright is at the white house for us. David, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Paula and Dan. This weekend the president is off to camp David. His very first trip to the presidential retreat and this father's day getaway comes after a blistering week for trump. One where his frustrations do seem to be growing about the Russia investigation. Even as he struggles to change the subject. In Miami's little Havana. President trump drove another stake into president Obama's legacy. Signing an executive order to scrap Obama's policy of detente with Cuba. Effectively immediately I am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba. Reporter: Cuba lasted back rejecting what it called manipulation for political purposes and double standards in the treatment of human rights. But trump upstaged himself acknowledging for the first time in a tweet that he is indeed under investigation after firing FBI director James Comey. I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director. Wi witch hunt. The president of the united States cannot obstruct justice. At the wants to fire the FBI director, all he has to do is fire him. Reporter: Newt Gingrich clearly felt differently in the's 90s when he voted to impeach Bill Clinton for obstructing justice during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Just in case the president and president's men are lawyering up. Trump added a high-profile Washington attorney to his personal legal time. Vice president pence has hired a person attorney. Even the president's longtime lawyer is getting a lawyer. For all its frustrations the presidency does seem to be good for Donald Trump's bottom line. A new financial disclosure form released overnight lists assets worth nearly a billion and a half dollars, his golf courses, his hotels are doing a booming business. He still owns them but one former ethics czar for the bush administration tells us what we don't know is where he borrows money from. Dan, Paula. David Wright, thanks for your reporting. Joining us from Washington is political analyst and pollster Kristen as Dan lovingly refers to as ksa. She'll love it, right? Kristen, as we mentioned the president believes he has the legal authority to fire Robert Mueller and according to the ap some of trump's circle are preaching cautions but others including his son don Jr. Say Mueller must go. If he were to fire Mueller how do you think that would go down. It would be explosive if he made that decision because as soon as it was announced there will be a special prosecutor and it would be Robert Mueller a figure respected across the political spectrum here in Washington, this gave a lot of trump's allies on capitol hill, Republicans, the opportunity to say, look, this is good. He's a good investigator. This will clear this all up and we can move on. Trump's allies on the hill continue to say this would be a good thing and put a big break between trump and Republicans in congress. Let me ask about this nugget from "The New York Times" this morning. I'm quoting here, he, the president, is frustrated, friends say and unsure what to do apart from tweeting which he views as the most direct and effective way of defending himself and venting his anger. So in your view are these tweets hurting or helping him? I think Donald Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to these tweets. I.D. Understandable if you are him and think you're innocent and want to get your message out, Donald Trump's been never shy about saying he's a fan of the media but with these tweets he's continuing to stir up trouble, keep the focus on the story when, for instance, folks in -- on capitol hill would rather be talking about things like infrastructure, health care, tax reform. It shifts the narrative and makes it so that he's continuing to seem like he's struggling against this investigation, a cover-up where he claims there's no crime. Now, it appears that trump's base can standing firmly behind him and you as a pollster see any vulnerables. His numbers have not been great but they have stayed fairly stable throughout the first couple of months of his presidency and this Russia investigation is one in particular where most of his supporters tend to think that's in the right. This isn't what will break them away from him but rather if there isn't delivery on things like health care reform, tax reform, economic growth, these are the thicks that would make voters come back to him or begin to leave him in bigger numbers. The base seems to be holding firm, Kristen Soltis Anderson, aka, ksa, thanks for joining us on a Saturday morning. We appreciate. We turn to another story

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{"id":48101790,"title":"Trump believes he has legal authority to fire Robert Mueller: AP","duration":"5:22","description":"The president has become angry and frustrated with the ongoing Russia investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/press-reports-trump-believes-legal-authority-fire-robert-48101790","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}