Quentin Tarantino on Why He Will Quit Making Movies

Tarantino appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about his new film "The Hateful Eight" and reveals what may be in store for his future.
3:36 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for Quentin Tarantino on Why He Will Quit Making Movies
You're saying you've got ten movies union. And this is it after ten that's kind what are you talking about Clinton was the idea I mean look. I'll give my step below what it could be eleven but I got out of it but it's well worth fourteen you know. I don't want to. Be a director that just. Directs. Because he doesn't know anything else to do and and he needs to be on the Sadr a needs the attention. And I am working to. Are diminishing capabilities that diminishing talent diminishing. Focus. I don't see any evidence of that well while where a young man. I have the better obviously haven't you left 83 that's not enough the other beatle you know but I mean but almost the very things that about while it. It's a real exciting aspect that we knew come out with a movie well I I don't want to be doing then. When it becomes more pass they think I do like the idea of ten and Don I do like the idea. Not. Passing over into another period. Up my career per stay due to age and longevity and linked I like the idea. That. There is umbilical cord connected to my first film all the way to my last and then bat is the body of work as I am about my tomography. And frankly I do feel that. A bad film on the Fiat on the tomography. Affects victims'. On the deal that if you know I don't I don't stipulate a good dog yard line I in good right now Ira Allen to keep good right now. And I do like the idea. You leaving you wanting a little bit more rather than to be delinquent. I hope I mean I'm a writer so you could write you can click I can write plays I could write plays and direct flights idea and I'm I'd do that before we get to number ten. I can do I can right now could be a plan I and I've might very well turn it into Reza for dots could be I might very well turn to play. And I might write a new place sometime. Being about write novels. Right cinema books you know I could totally do that and I think ever since kill bill. There's been a a veer towards the more literary when it comes to my work and I'm also. This is a tremendous amount of focus. To. Put a career in movies. To be the most important thing in your life and everything else is secondary. Including wives including children and you don't have those I don't. I I don't because I created a world where this is what I'm doing this it's a variety of Delaware room for those. After that period it's Kenya and you know about it it's not you know I thought a piddling little appearance I mean it's like you know by that period of time the way it it usually takes me to make a movie. You know I would be sixty more last. RI it would be ten films are that would be about thirty years as farce a credible that's a. That's a wonderful career especially by can keep keep add up. The to the level that I've been working at and I do like the idea of like is leaving you wanting a little bit more.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Tarantino appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about his new film \"The Hateful Eight\" and reveals what may be in store for his future. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35925200","title":"Quentin Tarantino on Why He Will Quit Making Movies ","url":"/GMA/video/quentin-tarantino-quit-making-movies-35925200"}