R5 Discuss Debut Album 'Louder'

Up and coming pop rock band gear up for first-ever national TV performance.
1:45 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for R5 Discuss Debut Album 'Louder'
One of the hottest rock bands, r5, is here. I think everyone has been waiting for them. Stars in the disney channel "austin and ally" while his brother riker is on "glee" and rocky and best friend ratliff and their album "louder" is in one of those mornings. Fantastic to have them for their first ever national tv performance and so one pretty lucky lady here standing in between ross and riker. I think we're -- stay right here. Incredible experience together since 2009 but selling out to your tour. You can see the response on "gma" this morning. What's it like to be you? It's absolutely crazy to think we've been a band for like almost five years and we're just now releasing our album and yet we were selling our shows all over the place and we have these amazing fans that show up everywhere so -- so good. Ross, talk about your new album out later this month. Yeah. I know all these girls already know all the words to the songs. But what kind of music are we expecting? It is pop rock. Very guitar driven and a lot of beats but got a lot of writing which is really cool. Slow songs and fast songs. Writing and singing, how do you balance it all. He's got the craziest schedule. Only shoot a little bit when it comes to "glee" but, yeah, he does red-eye flights and meets up with us in st. Louis. We were all there a day before. He flies in, does the show and flies back out for "austin "austin & ally." I know you're about to bring it right now from your upcoming

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{"id":20135235,"title":"R5 Discuss Debut Album 'Louder'","duration":"1:45","description":"Up and coming pop rock band gear up for first-ever national TV performance.","url":"/GMA/video/r5-discuss-debut-album-louder-20135235","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}