Getting a First Look at Released Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence

ABC News’ Dan Abrams discusses the secretive grand jury process.
1:59 | 11/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Getting a First Look at Released Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence
Dan Abrams has been Reading through the documents released overnight. Many people are upset. Some of the people who are upset, it wasn't hurt in front of a jury. Explain the difference between a regular jury and the grand jury. Not deciding guilt or innocence, just if there's enough case to go to trial. Much more secretive, casual, only need 9 out of 12 to have the case move forward. Evidence not typically admitted in a trial can be admitted in a grand jury. You have a couple of detectives walk in, the prosecutor asks for a charge, and they get it. This was more akin to a jury. They got all the evidence to evaluate. Still no cross-examination of witnesses, et cetera, but more like a typical jury trial in the amount of evidence that these grand jurors got to evaluate. Not typical, not polled. You have no idea the count. A lot of people to want know. We needed 9 out of 12. How many were there? 7 to 5? We don't know, and we will likely never find out because the grand jury deliberation prose is secretive. You were watching the prosecutor's lengthy press conference last night. He was not -- in your opinion, not only defending the process, but the facts behind it. The reason for the prosecutor to give this case to the grand jury, look, they decided it. Not me. I didn't just call a detective or two and for a particular charge, I gave them all the evidence. But in the press conference the D.A. Sounded like he was defending the finding of the grand jury, not just the process. And this is unusual. As you said before. No question. This process was unusual. Getting the grand jury this much evidence. All of this to then decide is very unusual. And then to make it public so people are pouring over it. That too is unusual. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"ABC News’ Dan Abrams discusses the secretive grand jury process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27160630","title":"Getting a First Look at Released Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence","url":"/GMA/video/released-ferguson-grand-jury-evidence-27160630"}