Rex Tillerson defends US response to North Korea, Russia

The U.S. secretary of state speaks out on "GMA" about the Trump administration's reaction to Kim Jong Un's threats and the latest revelations on Russian hacking and the 2016 election.
4:08 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Rex Tillerson defends US response to North Korea, Russia
Joining us is secretary of state Rex tillerson. Gait to have you here. Pleasure to be here. Let's dive into the news. First of all we have president trump with the tough, new sanctions. His tweet. Kim Jong-un already saying that he's considering the strongest actions. I want to break this down for people at home. They already tested a bomb more powerful than what we saw in World War II and several intercontinental ballistic missiles and now talking about detonation of an h-bomb in the pacific. How do we stop them? They have done everything they said they were going to do already? Well, David, we are quite challenged but our diplomatic efforts are continuing un-abbated. We have put in place the strongest economic sanctions to ever have been assembled against Kim Jong-un so he is being tested with the sanction, voices from every corner of the world are calling on him to cease his program and come to the table and let's talk about the future of North Korea and the north Korean people. You heard the president say this week in front of the U.N. If he has to defend the U.S. He will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea calling him rocketman on a suicide mission. Pdoes it work. The president takes the responsibility of the security of the American people very seriously and it is his first and foremost responsibility but we're not in this alone. We have developed strong allies and alliances internationally and we are engaging with north Korea's most important supporters, economic supporters, their friend, China and Russia to have them also engage with Kim Jong-un. If we see this detonation of an h-bomb in the pacific, what will the U.S. Do? Well, we will continue our efforts in the diplomatic arena but all our military options are on the table. Once we can assess the nature of this threat, the president will make a decision regarding the appropriate actions. Pore Americans who want to know will there be military action? If they drop an h-bomb in the pacific and attach nuclear capability to one of these will the U.S. Have to act? That will be the president's decision, David. There there's centralabled a national security council that meets on each of these to advise the president. Ultimately it will be his decision. I want to turn to Brian's reporting. Facebook acknowledging they sold thousands of ads to Russian agents during the election. Ads that atatacked Hillary Clinton and praised Donald Trump. How do these affect it? Interfering with democratic process, we see it in advancing the face of terrorism around the world. But they also have responsibilities and I think they're going to have to think carefully about their responsibilities in this regard. What's the responsibility, though, of Russia? How tough will you be on Vladimir Putin? We know you know him from your time at Exxon. He said we ordered him the award of friendship but seems to have fallen in the wrong company and to be steering in the other direction. What would you say to Vladimir Putin this morning. I've said to Vladimir Putin I'm still the same man. I'm wearing a different hat now and I represent the American people. The president's asked me to engage with Russia to lead the engagement with Russia. Obviously the relationship is very strained today but it is important that the two greatest nuclear powers in the world find a way, find areas of common interest we can work together and we have found some areas of mutual interest and put in place a cease-fire in southern Syria that's been holding since early July saving countless numbers of civilian lives and in the process engaged in discussions around bringing peacekeepers into Ukraine to cease the violence there and trying identifiers where we can work together and have serious issues you've touched on yet to be resolved. One political headline to ask about. There's a lot of chatter. You don't need me to tell you about this Nikki Haley being a possible next secretary of state. She's even been asked about this. What do you say about it. I think we have a secretary of state currently and I think he's planning to hang around. Secretary of state Rex tillerson, great to have you. Michael. All right, thank you, David. We switch gears to hurricane

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{"id":50022477,"title":"Rex Tillerson defends US response to North Korea, Russia","duration":"4:08","description":"The U.S. secretary of state speaks out on \"GMA\" about the Trump administration's reaction to Kim Jong Un's threats and the latest revelations on Russian hacking and the 2016 election.","url":"/GMA/video/rex-tillerson-defends-us-response-north-korea-russia-50022477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}