Rockport, Texas, bears the brunt of Hurricane Harvey

Rockport Fire Chief Steve Sims called in to "GMA" on the only functioning phone line in the town.
3:31 | 08/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rockport, Texas, bears the brunt of Hurricane Harvey
the town of rockport Texas. You heard rob mention it because that is where the storm made landfall. The fire chief there is Steve Sims and Steve joins us right now on the phone. Chief, it looks like your city really took a pretty hard hit. As we're seeing as it came ashore. At least one building collapsed? We have heard rumors. As far as myself we can't confirm anything now. We're still under a pretty high wind, it's dark. We're unable to get out on the streets yet. We do know we lost one of our smaller fire stations unmanned. So we're waiting on daybreak. The sun should rise in about an hour and I'm sure your teams will be out in full force. Have you been receiving phone calls? Tell us what your plan is when the sun dozen rise? As soon as the weather permits us, the winds get anywhere reasonable, we have been working on lists trying to prioritize the calls that we have waiting. What we feel like is, you know, first priority and we just -- we got 22 firefighters here on standby so we'll be out on the ground. It is amazing that we can even communicate with you. I just want to emphasize this point. We're talking to you from a town that took a direct hit from a category 4 hurricane. The strongest storm to hit this country in 12 years. I understand that we're speaking to you on the only working phone line this rockport. Every other phone line is down. Which raises a lot of questions about the safety of those who remain behind. I know you told people they should leave. Did that warning get heeded? Not as much as we would have liked. We would have like to have seen everybody leave but we know there didn't, you know. Yeah, we are totally down on all communications. How this one telephone is still working may be the lord is with us. And chief Sims, I know that you haven't been able to get out and survey the damage yet. But tell us what you heard, what you felt, what you experienced throughout the night and what your fears are as you do head out later today. Well, the eye of the hurricane when it made landfall and got right here on us in rockport, we were hoping the building stayed together. It rattled. It shook, but made it through it so as soon as daylight gets here we'll start surveying in close and as the wind dies down we'll start expanding out. Fire chief Sims speaking to us on the only working phone line that took a direct hit from a category 4 hurricane, hurricane Harvey, chief Sims, we really appreciate your time on this busy Saturday morning and we wish you nothing but the best of luck as you attack what is going to be a major job in the day as head. We appreciate it very mh.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Rockport Fire Chief Steve Sims called in to \"GMA\" on the only functioning phone line in the town.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49433762","title":"Rockport, Texas, bears the brunt of Hurricane Harvey","url":"/GMA/video/rockport-texas-bears-brunt-hurricane-49433762"}