SAG Awards Fashion Hits and Misses

A look at who had the hottest looks on the Screen Actors Guild red carpet.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for SAG Awards Fashion Hits and Misses
it is just reminding you. Thank you, Reena. So as we've been talking out in force, to honor their own at the screen actors guild or S.A.G. Award. Forget Orange, blue is the new black. ♪ Applause plause ♪ The stars shined bright at the S.A.G. Awards dazzling bold looks that turned the red carpet into a sea of blue. Amy Adams and Jennifer garner kept it classy and Anna gun, "Homeland" and jewel Julie Dreyfuss and best winning actor for "12 years a slave" Lupita nyong'o stepped out in winning form in this teal green Gucci stunner. Kerry Washington bared her baby bufrm in a custom-made Prada design that featured this fuchsia embellished crop top and rounding out the best of the night "American hustle's" Jennifer Lawrence shimmered in a multicolored sequin dress by dior. "Game of thrones" Emilia Clarke flawless in this one shoulder Calvin Klein gown. Thank you so much. Reporter: And best actress cate Blanchett was radiant in a blush pink givenchy gown. Then there was Julie, Juliette and Julia's unconventional look. "Modern family" Julie Bowen in a strapless Carol lean Herrera and Julia Roberts rocking a Valentino jumpsuit proving this pretty woman can also be pretty in pink. All right. So we want to get the results of our "Gma" flash poll, find out who you think was the best dressed on the red carpet and here she is, really no surprise. 46% of our viewers loved Lupita's beautiful Gucci gown and I do believe you both feel the same. Our style dream team, I dare say, Tim Gunn, host of the brab fashion competition series "Under the Gunn." Congratulations on that and Eva Chen editor in chief of "Lucky" magazine. You both -- your top choices were the same. Oh, absolutely. You go ahead. Lupita is the new red carpet star. I mean, how breathtaking is she? And I have to say when you have that gorgeous ebony skin and that beautiful shape, you can wear almost anything. But she knows how to do it and do it with confidence and pa mash. I just love that dress. She looks amazing. I think she is the new breed of Hollywood starlets that really you can get a sense of their permanent style coming think and her makeup too which was all pulled together with that Gucci dress. The other fashion winner for you, Eva was Amy Adams. Oermgs, my gosh. She was the perfect mix of new Hollywood and also old Hollywood, the hair and makeup vintage and gown was beautiful. You didn't like her look at the golden globes. Actually that was someone else. Oh, all right. So she's a winner in your book. Amy is a winner. For all the reasons that Eva just cited. Okay, and Jennifer Lawrence and cate Blanchett were your ties for number three. They were a tie for me. I know Tim you disagree with me. We had a vigorous debate in the green room. We literally disagree. Cate Blanchett, I love. I really think it's hard to pull off baby pink, pink, red it all worked well and looked comfortable. That's important. I find her breathtaking but, Tim, you don't. I love cate Blanchett. I'm crazy about her. I thought that was a misstep. I felt she looked very top heavy and I have to say, is comfort really that important on the red carpet? You're speaking to someone who gets to wear a tux. I'm spiking for the ladies. Listen, Emma Thompson with her flat shoes, you go. I agree. Tim, you loved Sandra bullock. I did. She was the one who I now forgive her for her golden globe look which I thought was disappointing. The color blocking. I wasn't a fan but I loved her in the lanvin Saturday. Now more interesting choices. Kerry Washington getting a lot of press. She's very pregnant and she wore a Prada crop top. Pregnant, crop top, listen, it's Kerry Washington. It's Olivia pope. Can she do any wrong? I don't know. I like that she held her hair with a little bit more restrained. Sheing looked beautiful I thought and it was a risk. My red carpet credo, be bad, be good, just don't be boring. A risk she shouldn't have tried. I love Kerry Washington and pregnant or not, I don't think a bare midriff is appropriate on the red carpet. I think it's just not what you do and I thought the proportions were odd. Had I been she I would have hoisted the whole thing up and there wouldn't have been that little thing and the length of the skirt would have been better. Hoist away. She is a beauty. Thanks to both of you. There you have it, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A look at who had the hottest looks on the Screen Actors Guild red carpet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21598366","title":"SAG Awards Fashion Hits and Misses","url":"/GMA/video/sag-awards-fashion-hits-misses-21598366"}