Sam Champion's Hilarious Weather Gaffe

The "GMA Live" gang gives Sam a hard time about his on-air slip-up.
1:32 | 03/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sam Champion's Hilarious Weather Gaffe
But let's just cannot get invested time and I'll never on the naked elephants and -- head back to weather update that you live in infamy. -- -- all that how well throwing around. Genetic disease or ten degrees warmer than normal -- Texas Louisiana all the way to Florida right now but most people can't reach it -- the weather around the -- nation. -- of the forecast just thirty seconds. Yeah I'm day so I'm sure he had a very nice weekend. And always with good to have you all -- -- you know exactly what's going on. Look you know it's. Just that the CNN hotline on us we love -- -- as he pointed out he gave us what because he's suggest seems. -- suggested he's a little cranky little congested. -- and can you tell us that this is the behind the scenes show. How when you static and we immediately like now I'm gonna be -- -- and I might went through your mind you know because that wasn't I didn't think -- completed yet I thought I kind of been like me. And nation itself I didn't think it completely came out of it could -- not even that close naked -- nation -- even. You don't expect think the you don't expect that that they aren't they just don't write and yeah. She's terrific and don't know I'm sorry I'm I don't know and the other hand you. I honestly can't -- problem was hysterical she was not gonna let that pass that we were short on time so they they since -- you know you've got to go right to the break. But she came back like afterwards and -- are we gonna let this go in yeah. Now I'm one -- -- loved and who handled it like a real proud.

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{"id":18758230,"title":"Sam Champion's Hilarious Weather Gaffe","duration":"1:32","description":"The \"GMA Live\" gang gives Sam a hard time about his on-air slip-up.","url":"/GMA/video/sam-champions-hilarious-weather-gaffe-18758230","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}