Sandra Lee Says She's Cancer Free, Discusses Her Journey to Recovery

The lifestyle guru underwent the surgery with longtime partner Gov. Andrew Cuomo by her side.
6:08 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Sandra Lee Says She's Cancer Free, Discusses Her Journey to Recovery
And never any artificial growth hormones. At fairlife, we believe in better. Since revealing she had breast cancer right here on "Gma." Just a few months ago. We will talk to her in just a moment. Look at her looking good, beautiful. Live here in the studio but first a look at her journey. It was a diagnosis that shook her world in March. I walked off the set and 20 minutes later my doctor called me and told me I had breast cancer. Sandra lee undergoing a double mastectomy in may with her longtime partner Andrew Cuomo by her side. There's two different ways cancer beats you up, beats up your body and it beats you up exclusive emotionally. Reporter: Lee's doctors confident they had caught it before it spread but an infection led to a setback and more surgery. Now lee is back on and looked stunning on the red carpet at Sunday's emmys. She looks stunning with us this morning. Please welcome back Sandra lee to "Gma." You have been a good friend to all of us here and I know you want to get right to your news. What is it. I have good news. Last time I came and shared with you some very bad news but this time I'm coming to share with you that my doctors have said I am cancer-free and I am ready to go so I celebrated at the emmys, of course. Oh, you did. You looked good morning there at the emmys. Thank you. You know, so happy that you're doing as well as you are because as you said last time you were here, you were telling us what was going on. You had the surgery, you had a setback with an infection and you looked glorious on the red carpet and some will say how can you be told so quickly about your doctors saying you're cancer-free? Well, I was early stage and what the beautiful thing about early stage cancer and there's so many young women on moi Facebook and social media platform, 20s and 30s that were telling me they were diagnosed with not just dcis but other cancers and had to have a mastectomy or double mastectomy. It is an end deppic in 20 and 30-year-olds so what it does is give you every option in the world and that is what I took. And it's all the beautiful leaders that came before us. People that aren't even here anymore. They're in heaven enjoying heaven and the researchers and doctors and nurses and other warrior, not just breast cancer but all cancer that came before us and sacrificed their lives so we could have early detection so it's only -- it's only respectful to ourselves and to their work and what they gave up for us to get our turnies in there and cut it out and take care of it. It has worked for you and again we're so incredibly happy. You were disappointed -- a number of people reached out to you. "New York times" article I'm talking about you talked about dcis. Some doctors feel at that early stage that perhaps procedures are not as necessary as are going through and you said a lot of young women reached out to you angry about this. I called my doctor too and had a big discussion about "The New York times." You see this look on my face? Sfx: Growling That's not anger, that's hunger. So I'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better D once Io you wi see look of tisfacti and ntentmenblossom Ross myace. Se now I fl better Make yr tummy ppy Mmm Yoplait E we wrealki tngo T our goo D friend. Time for thegma "Ndathe ex I "D S tanhi morning's hot button, red carpet. You were loving this gown, weren't you? I did love it. Oh, my gosh. Vintage. Her first public appearance dress. You were going to give it to someone else -- I love that dress. You already had that dress, a vintage dress. And I couldn't wear it because I was a little bit too big on top and so then I turned my -- as you say my mess into my message and I got to wear that plunging dress. It's a terry mugler from th the '70s, it doesn't matter if you are a double D that I was or an "A" like I am. I don't even know how I feel anymore. I feel young and liberated. You do. You just feel how vibrant you feel. So there's no treatment. There's nothing -- where is your prognosis now and what are the things you'll be working on. I know you'll be active next month on breast cancer awareness month. I am cancer-free which is such a blessing of I won't even think about taking the next step until after the super bowl. I already organize the hotel and think about that in February but I have become the ambassador for stand up to cancer. I am going to be working with Susan G. Komen and the run/walks. I go this Saturday to San Francisco to cut the ribbon and also to speak afterwards and also advocacy work, not only on my childhood hunger and with unicef but also on early detection is really important. Wonderful. I know many people have reached out to you on social media and you're grateful for the outpouring of love and support you received. So grateful. So grateful to you. And to you. Thank you. Oh, my gosh, you were like the best friend. We're all in this together, Amy, Lara, George. So great to hear that must. Thank you, Sandra lee. San drashgs congratulations.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The lifestyle guru underwent the surgery with longtime partner Gov. Andrew Cuomo by her side.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33942104","title":"Sandra Lee Says She's Cancer Free, Discusses Her Journey to Recovery","url":"/GMA/video/sandra-lee-shes-cancer-free-discusses-journey-recovery-33942104"}