Save Money By Getting Gift Cards at a Discount

Certain stores and web sites offer percentages off the purchase of gift cards.
3:37 | 11/23/15

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Transcript for Save Money By Getting Gift Cards at a Discount
looks at a discount. We'll show you now save big this holiday season. Gift cards. Brand-new series called super shopping secrets, holiday edition. Becky is here. There's a lot to know. We have a little bit of morning math. If you spend $80 for a gift card that buys $100 worth of stuffing it's a 20% discount. Like getting free money. Who doesn't love that? Gift cards are hot. You can buy them as ath a discount. Why wouldn't you want to do that if you're giving it as a gift, you paid $79. You're giving $100 gift card. Boom, 20% discount. Often, it's the only way to get a percentage off when shopping for a coveted item. I bought this card online for there are 83. I used to it buy $100 worth of Christmas presents. It's a win. Method number one, clearinghouses. Like card Raise, and gift card granny. I bought a Bloomingdale's gift card but used to it buy $100 worth of makeup. I got 15% off. Make up makeup never goes on sale. The fear is their fraudulent. You pript some out. It's electronic. Will they work? Most of them did. No problem. I had one gift card that didn't work. Here's the key. Buy from a site that has a guarantee. I contacted customer service at the website where I purchased the card. They refunded me completely. Back to the deal-hunting. Method two, girt calfs go on sale big-time this week. Last year, I bought a slew of target cards that were 10% off. Don't forget warehouse clubs likes costco. They often have cards on sale with more offered this week. One of the best places to buy, Ebay. Not from another user. No, Ebay the company sells them directly. See, right here, discounted cards, vetted and good to go. Take all of these tips and here's the big secret. Use discounted gift tard cards to play for items on sale and use a percentage off coupon. You'll rack up huge discounts. So many great tip there is. If you're a gift card lover, you say proceed with caution. Only buy if you're know you're going to use it. You know who loves that we buy gift cards. Retailers. Since $2008 this is how much of gift cards we haven't used. There are 44 billion unused sitting in our drawers or whatever. So, okay, if we are going to proceed and give gift card this is holiday season. Advice? Take an inventory of what you have. Ask the teen inchers. The drawer where gift cards go to die. Get them collected. Take a whole punch, clip right through and then put them on to a key chain anytime you want to spend mad money, it's right here. Next up, if you have a gift card that you're not using, go to one of these sites and sell it. Just go right away. They'll give you maybe 80 bucks for your there are 100 gift cards. Some money is better than none money. If you have one for itunes or Amazon. All those online stores, it will be a credit. You can use it. Not when you remember. This is a great idea. More to come, too. This series continues. We want to get outside to

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Certain stores and web sites offer percentages off the purchase of gift cards. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35369221","title":"Save Money By Getting Gift Cards at a Discount","url":"/GMA/video/save-money-gift-cards-discount-35369221"}