School Lunch Battle: Have You Heard of 'Lunch Shaming'?

This Colorado mom says her daughter's pre-school criticized her for packing Oreos in her daughter's lunch.
3:57 | 04/30/15

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Transcript for School Lunch Battle: Have You Heard of 'Lunch Shaming'?
Total one Cheney. I am off color a scolded by her daughter's school for the Oreo she packed in the forty year old to watch. Stern up a lot of talk couldn't get back to cement the first incident in nine had to be. There are favored treat for moms and kids alike but now more Colorado mom Lisa Pearson is saying she was young shamed. When she sent the popular cookie in her daughter's school lunch bag. I'm angry that my child has refused to eat her lunch. I mean whether it be her whole what are disproportionate Pearson says she was still under that her four year old came home with the cookies untouched. And the stern note from the school that said in part. Your parents it is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch. This is a public school setting an all children are required to have a fruit and vegetable and healthy snack from home along with milk. That's a mother's job at them but to the mother and once it becomes unhealthy and a mother will decide that for herself. Based on her discussion with the doctor. Not not the teacher. A spokeswoman for Aurora public school which provides funding for some children to attend the private preschool. Told ABC news that the no is not standard practice saying from. Or Good Morning America arena nine and ABC news New York. Fact that this had estrogen action is here also parenting expert Erica Souter from mom who's Tommy in Italy to begin with he into the school says they have a right to decide the months that she should only have the right inside the who's right. I think there's an important thing too hastily made here it's what are the school if dictating. What suggesting. Ways to put your kids locked up eyed the receiving end. I thought of putting the wrong thing in my kids on our preferred sex in their and it came back with him at the end of the day. But parents need to have it open to teaching the school. Talk to them. And know that Bill Clinton can pat you don't want to send me and help the americans' minds it's just. What they think the kid likes what they think is good for and some schools are even banning birthday cupcakes. So. Clearly I mean it's gotten so extreme just don't know what to do in more parents are very can get so doctor. So let's say you. You know I think this might be file this under the category. Right message wrong acts accused and I mean in reality is kids spend 50% of their waking hours in school and obesity is a big problem amongst the children and so maybe they're well intentioned but the execution is wrong. So I'm gonna help us with this conundrum here I think that looked a little hungry so I Bryson George I want you to start your bag take that out there okay Harry something else out there. Yeah. I'm rob in here that figures out so much. When when you decide what to put on your own it's bad. And it's not just what your thinking but how it's being made it. Little teeny little outside right bite size is definitely the way to go there's actually studies that show the kids week bite size food are calmer pace of Larry Europe that's so I have you look energies. I sat and then Apple's okay so super super commented we hear this all the time it bears repeating sugar sweetened beverages. Not healthy for our children so Jamie what can your bad I was I was lucky here for you don't drink. And you know what if you take apples and oranges and and have a glass of water your faith itself there's an illegal for the little pony bottles liners that's not a milk is the way to go and then lastly and Reno Air because a lot of us at this table including Georgia have packed lunches. It has to be easy right so millions of moms and dads at night are light. 10 o'clock at night you have to packaged goods lunch and they have to make it healthy they wanna make it good great American kids to eat at your kid has to enjoy working really good at it again yeah okay time and I meet I am not below. Bribing children but just yeah. A little except that it IRA. Makes the food fight size and you know what once and a while a cookie Gulfport it's not I don't. Yeah.

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{"id":30699115,"title":"School Lunch Battle: Have You Heard of 'Lunch Shaming'?","duration":"3:57","description":"This Colorado mom says her daughter's pre-school criticized her for packing Oreos in her daughter's lunch.","url":"/GMA/video/school-lunch-battle-heard-lunch-shaming-30699115","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}