Undercover 4th-Grader Documents 'Yucky' School Lunch

Zachary Maxwell, 11, attempted to find out what really was being served inside his school.
4:29 | 06/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Undercover 4th-Grader Documents 'Yucky' School Lunch
We want to introduce you to zachary maxwell. An 11-year-old who took on the new york city school city in his movie uck." A fourth grader's documentary about lunch. He went undercover to get the scoop on what's really behind what's being served in the lunch room. We' we'll talk to zach live but first take a look at his story. I could get in big trouble. Reporter: A documentary that audiences and film critics are eating up. Which would you rather eat, five fresh delicious apples or yummy crispy chicken sandwich? Exactly. A covert six-month mission by this 11-year-old to expose the inside world of school lunches. I was going to have to go way under cover. Reporter: Zachary maxwell made "yuck" when he was a fourth grader at a new york city public school. Armed with hidden cameras he documented dozens of lunches he was served at school. Hi, kids. Let's see what's for lunch at my elementary school. Reporter: During his investigation, zachary compared description of lunch items on the school provided menu. Zesty italian meatballs with tomato basil sauce, whole grain pasta -- Reporter: With secretly recorded video of what he was being served. Oh, that's so disgusting. It sounded like it was coming from like the finest restaurant and but what we were actually getting served wasn't too good. Reporter: The new york city department of education made a visit to zachary's school after his film began circulating and said they, quote, provide students with healthy and delicious school meals that are low in fat, sodium and calories and we currently have more than 1,000 salad bars in our schools to provide more healthful options to students." Zachary's father who helped the budding filmmaker put this documentary together says he could not be prouder of his son. I think that he showed a level of spunk and spirit and, you know, we encouraged him to keep at it. and zachary maxwell is here with us. Good to meet you, zachary. I know your dad, just saw him over that way. Got to meet rachael ray, morgan spurlock. What's it like to see your film on the big screen like that. Well, I think it's a lot more cooler than just watching it on like a little tv screen and also watching it with an audience like on the big screen is like really cool because like when they laugh when they're supposed to laugh, like it's just the best feeling ever. Makes you feel good, doesn't it. Yeah. When they do that. Were you afraid that you were going to get in trouble at all when you were putting together this documentary? Had the little camera at school. Oh, yes, definitely every day I was like nervous that I would get in trouble or get suspended. I know now there's a rule that you've got to let the principal know if you're going to do a little video like that. Oh. Oh, yeah. I know. Yeah, that's because of you. Now, now they said just -- just like kids caught filming in school can be suspended. Yeah. I know it's harmless what you were trying to do because you felt that you weren't kind of getting the lunch that you did and we heard with what the school said, they provide salad bars and things like that. On the menu, anything you like? What is your favorite dish? Anything you like? Not really. I doenn't think -- mine was tater tots because the lunch ladies do their best, I know that you know that. So you're thinking about doing another film. What's that going to be? Well, right now I'm working on a personal project about my fifth grade class because we're all going to middle school, our separate ways so I just want us to have the memory of each other so right now the next project i want to work on is adolescence and middle school puberty and what girls think of guys with braces. You have braces in your future? I love how you look. That's great. Make it a personal experience and I'm sure it will be just as successful as this one, zachary, I have a feeling we'll be seeing you in hollywood one day. Congratulations and thanks very much for being here. We appreciate it very much.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Zachary Maxwell, 11, attempted to find out what really was being served inside his school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19427101","title":"Undercover 4th-Grader Documents 'Yucky' School Lunch","url":"/GMA/video/school-lunch-documentary-undercover-4th-grader-documents-yucky-19427101"}