Inside the Kitchen at Ovenly Bakery in Search of the Best Holiday Cookie

Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga, co-founders of the Brooklyn, N.Y. bakery, whip up their boozy pistachio blondies.
12:37 | 12/09/16

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Transcript for Inside the Kitchen at Ovenly Bakery in Search of the Best Holiday Cookie
Different today as you may just be jumping on her life stay with us on FaceBook or we're here others leave it green point in Brooklyn. Up don't worry if he hands. Me his only you don't have the ingredients that you don't have that time on your hands which really has time this happened here. The goat we dot L life in order something for yourself. But that he can't control office was innocent here with the bodies. Now. My degree assault and actually the last site is to say it doesn't these are losing blood he's sir. Next on the list it. And ingredients we need. Yes we're getting into an amount that now you'll see that again Britney and even news of mr. Brady's it's so you. One of all people. Our actions. Now aren't adding up. Wish our deep passing of unease and these are my personal favorite they're 83 borders should be. Well we ship tonnage fees for the holidays. I heard it is that these mummies sort of here. That ate at aunt that last sentence let up freaking break is there any. In me makes it offers even two weeks later is that mrs. even just sitting at a temperature. Needs refrigerate any of these actually make them just about every rec room temperature wrapped. So. Hell I don't know I'm just gonna say so you might order them for the whole family get for Christmas. I also expressed its eight. So yeah like the adult this. All I'm begin a that you're going yeah. That's an amazing that you might take some result I've been telling New Year's spring. Skiing. Is actually the perfect. Yeah yeah. And if you TV's out there might be extra. Certainly the one of the problems aren't yet. It ain't gonna start we already did the first step of this what you mean is you. At least eat our government to stop oil and take off he and then you're just gonna pour over the eggs and the current. Any limits is it ever got our son. So what happens is that soaks up Irvin but also of the pre labor is get into it they're sort by the urban as well some say the liquid and we're gonna add back. Is it. And you that can't be so we would never make that yeah alcohol so we already streams the whiskey from the group so. Set that aside all right the next thing you is melt butter which we already have melted here. And TV ads and yet we appreciate you that the imagining and then we're trying to makes arts so we just got out of some flour. They encounter we have got fresh ground pepper seesaw and the spice that we love you and mrs. clothes sweeping get compliment the whiskey really well. And it also I'm. Because I mean they're super harming the float it. At fitness and mix that together. Breaking news you know it doesn't me think often but it that's just a little bit of spice. That really is nice especially if he really does he. It's there yeah Mason risk yet. So we've got our melted butter. And that got up at light brown center. Which I'm just going to use whisk together. And you want to risk until it's than Carnell lake. Feeling it yet. Love this mountain butter and brown sugar together. Oh he does best and snacks are great idea. Yeah totally. Have greatly threatened them. Oh my god he's. Little luck don't. Narrate. It takes to get there. And then we have Vanilla extract and addicts. That was going ahead with it is he here and that the reader sleep with the bird. Right in today's while. I'm just gonna mix that together. Lester apple. I just figure out. Annie does that make sure that you get this flick added. Really through or in accidents in the dry ingredients. Wow. He left. Lastly I think. Or it. Yeah incorporated. And that I'm just going to. Makes this into the flour mixture. Make street at all that it isn't. Not a drop of urban wasted yanks haven't. And then the key to this is you want to mix. The that we institute that flour mixture until just combined you don't have an exit because then we'll get a little bit arts starts he and it won't be as she ends sop to. Them not. Like that soft texture with these quantities. Don't do that it. Needs. She not only do yeah. Bar owner immediately ran brownies are. Under eight. All our art Graham and there's nothing around it totally it will turn out perfectly so. What you think is it that when that maybe just gold and if they look TE EE. Angle that. So you want them to be good. Questions I loved could legally yeah. Any yes we meet you don't want to over eight b.s. It definitely makes sure that after 33 minutes you're really checking to make sure to pick as soon as it comes up clean pop right out of the oven. Higher rates. Now I'm just going to. Add. To the face and the currents. Incident make sure. And he's been accepted Nowitzki and it is gonna makes that and yeah laugh at things that you can use any area every. He is regret that you won exactly what about the free to ease dry Sherry is he venues. At the very. Various. Harvard fans and yes that's right and that's it. As we are going. I have but I can't hear. So we're happy and these the other one of these. And we want to do you just picture you a pan and that. Also just dust with flour because you know a lot of these states that can't answer at least I'm from the panel. So don't. I'll you've got to do is just spreading evenly into the pan. And then we're trying to talk him iron and his staff. And some of them ate pizza areas. The site that is that is home to them he's. Begins after this I ask. Incredible value got you got you got caught in Hawaii where it's the holidays are all in a loving friends or just bring itself are. Again this this I have to keep hand but. You'd be easing in nine by thirteen panelists as a little bit smaller. Rick spreading it evenly into the pan and men out of necessity isn't over then. And I love the idea to that you guys that you can't make it here. Yeah Paula they're exactly the Carolina. You scared about. Changing would be different cities because it is more us and then yes. Speaking at our exact total available but even so it really creative once it understands that the combination. Flowers and that's what every block and heating and it's really fun way to get. I've treated like any recipe. These stats yeah it has the disaster isn't my paints vibrant green color and CNN she lankans. Is a especially festive crowds talking. Lou. We'll let me. I'm trying. Pilots and it is. I'm not Eric that it quarterly. These are being debt free safety you can't make for 33 to 35 minutes again just happens you think. She thinks you can check them. 33 minutes to test them readiness and you get to go around the time. News. And this. Spent so I'm thinking. As kids and I spent so much that statement my grandmother but I remember cracking baked goods for three days in advance instantly and it's Heidi. Christmas Day but I got her out its higher living in this bill that big I remember. Leaving them planes coming right there. I'm in and this is what they. You haven't seen ran well. Yeah this is nothing you. It was that you're setting the bar pretty high right here we go. Asking them who didn't know. Yeah good evening yes your biggest. Thank god. Being so yeah it was definitely a good kids that all of labor's view them together selling basic. Didn't George if you're watching we can and this search right on the greatest oh yeah. You guys on the strike why doesn't bring him. Better than earth. I'll then I'll stay home and found the president. So. The draft so. While I'm up in that case. Talk to me about what's next for because but no longer have to cut the green light yet tonight you're opening and. So we have this week. Location we have a location at urban space Vanderbilt that we do. Yet and we had to. Coming locations opening up. In the spring we have want in Williamsburg and that one. Any heart slip observers here expect intend Flatbush avenue and our vote is next. And that will be opening on north fifth street between point and so so many different places to get ugly that we all felt so check. They think Jack up to code but check out of that dot L live event yeah. Black guys this is really next level business. So. I want to remind all of you that units searched even though I'm ending it broke out as. There is great it's. Christmas McKee is under way we're gonna have our final is on Thursday. Join us expedience Ella. Head over to teammate. As your own recipes try to ease. Makes a popular mix up a little bit this to us so good. That was the Friday you eat it right out happy. Happy hour at 11 AM best great thanks for joining us guys that are basically pays an ABC news that comment thank you both. And you donate to the intensity that you as well we'll see all of you I'm she makes. Tomorrow morning Saturday morning.

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{"duration":"12:37","description":"Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga, co-founders of the Brooklyn, N.Y. bakery, whip up their boozy pistachio blondies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44090220","title":"Inside the Kitchen at Ovenly Bakery in Search of the Best Holiday Cookie ","url":"/GMA/video/inside-kitchen-ovenly-bakery-search-best-holiday-cookie-44090220"}