Severe weather and tornadoes hit central US

Tornadoes that slammed the heartland from Oklahoma to Wisconsin damaged more than 100 homes and forced emergency rescues.
2:33 | 05/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe weather and tornadoes hit central US
We change gears and now turn to extreme storms that are slamming the heartland overnight. Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Wisconsin damaging more than a hundred homes and forcing emergency rescues. ABC's Clayton Sandell is on the scene at elk city, Oklahoma, with more. Good morning, Clayton. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Michael. You can see this neighborhood is absolutely devastated. First take a look here. This is a big, heavy dumpster that came flying in from somewhere. If you look at the garage of this home, every single wall has been pushed in here by this powerful tornado. And this is just one of more than 100 homes here severely damaged or destroyed. This morning, severe weather havoc in the heartland. Look at it. Reporter: Overnight more than 25 reported tornados touching down from Texas to Wisconsin. One causing massive damage to this Oklahoma neighborhood. At least 50 homes destroyed. Another 50 damaged. She is moving. That's all I know. Reporter: Firefighters pulling victims from the wreckage, ripped off rooftops, flips cars and streets littered with debris. One person was killed. Treacherous conditions on the road making driving dangerous. One car seen here hydroplaning into oncoming traffic. And north of eau Claire, Wisconsin, this trailer park devastated. Trailer park looks like it might have been leveled. Reporter: Emergency crews rushing to the scene late Tuesday working throughout the night working to rescue people in trouble. There is injury at this time. Reporter: Officials say at least one person died. 25 injured in including a child. There's a whole row where there you had be trailers where there's fog. Reporter: The destruction seen from above, the trailer court now just a field of debris. I would describe it as total destruction. Reporter: High winds even hurling this trailer into the lake. And the national weather service says they'll have a team here today to survey the damage and figure out how powerful it was. Thank you, Clayton. We go to ginger. There's more severe weather today. Unfortunately there is, Michael. You can see that strong upward motion in videos like this from Mclean, Texas. Thankfully this was over a field where no one lives. That same storm will rotate over most of Iowa so Des Moines, mason city, southwestern Wisconsin, you have the potential for tornadoes and large hail. Yesterday we saw hail at 4 inches in diameter. It's not just today. It's tomorrow. And you can see that area western Oklahoma, western Kansas, back in the threat region. The same storm moves into the northeast. Look, east of Cleveland up through western New York.

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{"id":47456885,"title":"Severe weather and tornadoes hit central US","duration":"2:33","description":"Tornadoes that slammed the heartland from Oklahoma to Wisconsin damaged more than 100 homes and forced emergency rescues.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-weather-tornadoes-hit-central-us-47456885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}