'SNL' under fire for Kellyanne Conway sketch

The late-night comedy show is facing criticism it went too far in a sketch comparing Conway, counselor to President Trump, to Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction."
6:04 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for 'SNL' under fire for Kellyanne Conway sketch
there, good morning, we just came off 128, we're trying to make that percentage onto route 3, we'll head northbound up through the billerica stretch, and hey, a big kudos to the men and women that were out working these roadways during the overnight hours. They have done a yeoman's work out here. Where we are right now we're just seeing wet roads, and farther to the north, it was really sloppy with heavy snow-covered roadways, but right where we are now, we are in good shape, they are just wet. We came down 128 through 93, and over to routed 3, Burlington, and traffic as olessa had mentioned moments ago, a lot lighter than in Normal Monday morning commute, so I think that folks got the message. They decided to stay at home, and partly because their kids are at home and it gave a chance for the plows to do their work, do their work and they did. So as we start to head north on route 3 we're a mile south of route 62, and you can see we have some running room, and speeds are a little better than they were, I mean, I don't suggest that we go back up to posted speed limits, but at least we have a better situation out on the roadways than we did as early as an hour and a half ago so good news, thumbs up for those who are out during the overnight hours and we still have work to do but we'll take it for what we went through last night. Absolutely. Doug, thank you very much. Antoinette is in downtown Boston for us right now, we see a bunch of people behind you there, no one staying in? A lot of people out here in the city this morning, and that snow started to fall again just within the last 20 minutes. That parking ban that we've been telling you about all morning, that is going to be lifted, and the mayor is thanking everyone who heeded that parking ban and allowed the crews to get out here, you can see the streets are still slushy out here, the cars are getting through, and not just the streets, but the sidewalks are very slushy. Look at this. This is a slushy mess out here, this is what people are walking through all morning. And the big issue as the temperatures drop is that this could all potentially become a sheet of ice. So we're seeing a lot of people, excuse me, walking from back bay station heading into the city to go to work, and I have got to tell you they are working very gingerly and slowly being mindful of their steps because this is a slippery situation out here. We have gotten about three inches of snow here in the city, and that's because on and off throughout the night, it had been back and forth between snow and a bit of rain so we're not seeing that huge accumulation. As far as the type of snow that we're seeing, this is a -- All right we have lost her but you can see the type of snow that we are dealing with. Big piles. Absolutely so we will be back with you at 7:56 this morning. And if you are heading out make sure that you have our app with you, and you can watch the newscast at any point in the day. They did over Chelsea and had to apologize and stop doing it. In this case did they go too far. I don't think so. I think why should you be politically correct about people who hate political correctness. They came to power bemoaning the idea. They're in power. Funny? To some, yes. At the end of the day kellyanne Conway in that sketchshe has the last laugh and gets up, I'll see you on TV. I think it was actually really well done and I think in today's day and age comedy is cathartic. We need to be laughing at the trump administration for those who don't like the trump administration. It's a release and makes you feel good. It's important, I think it was really well done. At some point do they have to worry about going to the well too many times. Sure. That as why it's not just Alex Baldwin. They went after Sean spicer, Jeff sessions and kellyanne Conway. So I think they're aware of that. It's funny, I bet you they're disappointed trump didn't tweet after the show. I have no doubt you want him to tweet. If he's watching, cosmopolitan right aft -- come right after me. It's making people laugh at a time when we need to laugh. Jon Karl, it does seem at some level "Saturday night live" trying to provoke the president as well and we do know that he wasn't all that happy and a little concerned about that portrayal of Sean spicer. Reporter: He was certainly unhappy with the portrayal of spicer. In fact, spicer had been planning to come out and make a joke about it at his briefing the following Monday. That did not happen. Spicer simply thought it wasn't going to be a good idea because the boss was so upset and he was, sources tell me in the white house, he was upset in part because it was a woman playing Sean spicer, so clearly "Snl" was going at that as well. But I got to say on the kellyanne Conway sketch, I don't think it was funny. It seemed to be incredibly mean-spirited. This is somebody who has young children and also just didn't -- what makes "Snl" so funny when they cut a little bit towards the truth. That was just not an accurate portrayal of Conway. I mean, she is somebody who actually is pushed to do more television by the president. Somebody who the president wanted to be the press secretary. The president wanted her to be out there nonstop. She has many more requests to go on television than those that she actually accepts. Dean, "Saturday night live" not going to stop. I hope not. I think we need. More jokes. Ratings, 22-year high. It's a great time for "Snl." Dean obeidallah and Jon Karl, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"The late-night comedy show is facing criticism it went too far in a sketch comparing Conway, counselor to President Trump, to Glenn Close's character in \"Fatal Attraction.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45453081","title":"'SNL' under fire for Kellyanne Conway sketch","url":"/GMA/video/snl-fire-kellyanne-conway-sketch-45453081"}