Sophia Loren Tells All in New Memoir 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'

The memoir tells the story of her rise from poverty to becoming an international film star.
2:28 | 11/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sophia Loren Tells All in New Memoir 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'
Oscar winning icon Sophia Lauren and opening what she calls her trunk of secrets, yesterday, today, tomorrow, my life. The rise out of a desperately poor childhood to the relationships, leading men. We sat down with a rare one-on-one. Reporter: After more than 60 years as an actress, Sophia lo ren is sharing her story. Chronicling her earliest days in Italy amid poverty and war. Painful even now to talk about. For me it was very difficult. Because it was hard. I went through a lot with my family, of course. Reporter: Acting was her refuge. Her depth of feeling won her a best actress Oscar for "Two women." It's a book, it's a dream. Reporter: She would bewitch her co-stars, Cary grant, Carlo Ponte was the love of her life. Producing two sons. I think out Cary with great tenderness. We became friends. Sometimes even a little more. Reporter: He asked you to marry him. There are moments in life that you have to decide. I wanted a family, I wanted children. I wanted to be in my country. Reporter: A 1957 Hollywood party led to this infamous photo. As she eyed the dangerously revealing neckline of Jane Mansfield. A moment parodied by "Modern family." She was preoccupied, bending too much. Maybe something would have happened. But fortunately it didn't. Reporter: At 80, she understands the ageing process. But hopes that actresses will resist the urge to look young per. In my age, we never thought about plastic surgery. I think it's always wrong because I like myself. I like my skin. I don't want anybody to take it away from me. You have to live the life you have. And if you have the luck to look well even at 80 years old, then you can be happy. Reporter: Not all of us will be blessed to look like this when you're 80. Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles?

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"The memoir tells the story of her rise from poverty to becoming an international film star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26856245","title":"Sophia Loren Tells All in New Memoir 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'","url":"/GMA/video/sophia-loren-tells-memoir-yesterday-today-tomorrow-26856245"}