South Korean Ferry Disaster Claims Lives, Leaves Many Missing

Majority of missing passengers are teenagers and hope that survivors will be found starts to fade.
2:25 | 04/19/14

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Transcript for South Korean Ferry Disaster Claims Lives, Leaves Many Missing
latest on the ferry disaster in South Korea. Hope is fading fast this morning that any survivors will be found. The captain who abandoned ship is now under arrest. And we're learning more about the final hours of the voyage and who was actually steering the ship. ABC's Gloria Riviera is live in South Korea. Good morning, Gloria. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. That's right. Maritime safety officials say they were in touch with the ship as the disaster unfolded. And their recommendation was for evacuation orders to be given just five minutes after that first distress call went out. But for reasons that are unclear, the captain did not issue those orders for 30 minutes. This morning, for the first time, new details on what happened inside the ship's bridge during the ferry's final two hours. A shocking revelation. In charges by south Korean senior prosecutor, that the 25-year-old third mate was at the helm for the very first time. Steering the ship through clusters of islands, known as a tricky, treacherous area, in rough currents. The captain said he was in his bedroom at the fateful moment the accident happened. At least two other crew, also in custody. Search and rescue teams are dealing with rough seas and windling time. We're on the dock with so many of the divers that are getting ready to get out there and they hope get in the water. They say some of them yesterday, they weren't able to do any dives at all because of weather conditions. It is beginning of day four. They say today should be better. Every hour that passes, bringing more heartache and deepening fear for the waiting families. The worst kind of news came when it was confirmed a diver spotted three bodies in the ship but couldn't get them out. The rescue effort continues, focusing on the crowded cafeteria, where it is feared so many were trapped. With so many relatives so desperate for this search to be nonstop, the coast guard tells us this evening, they plan on lighting 880 powerful flares to light up the sky so they can keep searching. Dan? Bianna? They continue their work in what is described as the worst disaster in south Korean

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Majority of missing passengers are teenagers and hope that survivors will be found starts to fade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23391662","title":"South Korean Ferry Disaster Claims Lives, Leaves Many Missing","url":"/GMA/video/south-korean-ferry-disaster-claims-lives-leaves-missing-23391662"}