'Space Oddity' Astronaut on Possible Bowie Collaboration

Chris Hadfield starred in the first music video shot in space when he covered a David Bowie song.
2:14 | 05/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Space Oddity' Astronaut on Possible Bowie Collaboration
♪ Ground control to major tom ♪ Reporter: This viral video viewed over 15 million times, put astronaut chris hatfield on the map. All the way from outer space. The 53-year-old rocket man, strumming and singing along to david bowie's "space odyssey" from the international space station. I'm delighted that david bowie himself liked the way we did it. We rewrote the words so the astronaut doesn't die in the end. I think it helps show the complete human experience that exists with the space station. What kind of feedback did you get from him? And will you be collaborating in the future? Gosh, I don't think so. He has since tweeted back that he really liked it. That he thought it was a great version of his original genius. Reporter: Hatfield's music video and real-tweets and spectacular photos won him a huge following. Making him the first space-based social media star. What do you think about those comments? It's only the result of so many thousands of people. I get to be, you know, the frontman for all of the space agencies in the world. Reporter: Even before hatfield became the hippest man to orbit earth, he had been mixing his passion for music and outer space for years. ♪ All dressed up and nowhere to go ♪ Reporter: In 1995, he even appeared on "gma" with group of musical astronauts called max q. As for his latest hit -- it's something that a lot of people can see. And maybe have a look at what the space station can bring us. Not just as a laboratory. But as one more great human capability to understand where we are in the universe and what it means to us at all different levels. So, one of the biggest challenges of producing that video, trying to play a guitar that would continually float away from his hands. A little difficult. Back on earth, he has roughly four months of rehab ahead of him just to get his body reacclimated. When he got back, he couldn't hold up his neck. A creative guy. Much more ahead on "good morning america" this monday

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{"id":19263569,"title":"'Space Oddity' Astronaut on Possible Bowie Collaboration","duration":"2:14","description":"Chris Hadfield starred in the first music video shot in space when he covered a David Bowie song.","url":"/GMA/video/space-oddity-astronaut-david-bowie-collaboration-19263569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}