Stanford Sexual Assault Trial Judge Benched From Upcoming Case

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:46 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Stanford Sexual Assault Trial Judge Benched From Upcoming Case
Time for the big board. Team of insiders ready to weigh in on today's story. T.j. Right here and we'll talk to him in a minute about the Cavs and warriors but first up judge Aaron Persky. You know his name. That controversial judge who presided over the Stanford sexual assault trial and another coming up facing backlash as well. Let's talk to sunny Hostin, our legal analyst. Sunny, you have the D.A. In another case trying to get him removed from the case. They succeeded and said we lacked confidence he can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing in which a male nurse sexually assaulted a female annesety sized female patient. When I was a prosecutor I never asked for another judge. I never advised anyone to ask for another judge. It just doesn't happen. The reason it doesn't is because prosecutors are repeat customers of these judges. You're in front of them day in and day out so the message from this D.A. Is very clear. He wants this judge off the bench. He wants to be done with this judge and this judge now is in a lot of trouble. His position is just really compromised. Sunny, I want to ask several potential jurors have refused to work with this judge. They were dismissed before he was pulled by the D.A. How effective do you think he can be moving forward. The bottom line is the judge is the captain of the ship, right? The judge is the leader in the courtroom. When the judge loses the confidence of his team, it is game over. It happened in the O.J. Case. I know that pie good friend Jeffrey toobin is up at bat next. Judge Ito lost control of the courtroom. Guess what, game over. T.j. Holmes is up next talking about the Cavs, talking about golden state. Imagine if Steph curry doesn't listen anymore to Steve Kerr, game over. This judge has got to get off the bench, game over. Wow. Good analogies. Sunny, we thank you. Teeing us up for our next two topics we'll talk to toobin. The compelling ABC, ESPN documentary, "O.J.: Made in America" on his double murder trial author of "The run of his life: The people V. O.j. Simpson" Jeffrey toobin featured prominently in the documentary. Jeffrey, you literally wrote the book on O.J. But say there are things in the documentary that surprised even you. Absolutely. And let me give you a real important example. The length and intensity of o.j.'s abuse of Nicole. There's an interview in this documentary with o.j.'s -- with Nicole's roommate when she went on her first date and she came home with all her clothes torn. All of us knew, of course, that O.J. Had been convicted of domestic abuse once. But it was so much more than that one incident and that is something that is a very chilling, chilling fact that comes out of this documentary. That is chilling. You know, last week I was talking to Gil garcetti and he said he learned that O.J. Deliberately didn't take his medication for arthritis so his hands would swell and he wouldn't fit into the glove. It's a real focus of the documentary and the defense implicated mark Furman planted it. He is a big part as well. What is your impression. Mark is not an appealing character at all. My original story in "The new Yorker" talked about his history of racial abuse of african-americans and he is not a sympathetic -- he doesn't really give any apologies in the -- in long interview that he gives in the documentary. However, what he does is he shows that the defense theory that he planted the glove and framed O.J. Simpson is simply absurd. That it is not technically possible that he could have done it and that, again, is another piece of evidence that at least in my viewpoints to O.J. Simpson's guilt in all this. I want to talk about the bronco chase. Everybody remembers where they were. Do you remember where you were. I was at my girlfriend's house in high school. You were? Yes. I was a little just out of college working at news 12 and ironically at a bar so I remember watching it on TV. Do you remember where you were? I was spiking in northwestern that night and I was with a buddy after it watching it on TV. You're much too honorable than mine. We're hearing Al cowlings' 911 call. Anything new for you here. You know, the cowlings call explains in part why the prosecution did not introduce that evidence at the trial because he talks about how O.J. Is so distraught, that O.J. Wants to kill himself because people think he did something wrong. And the prosecution made a lot of mistakes in this trial but I actually think they were right not to introduce it and this jury wasn't going to convict anyway. Thanks very much. T.j. Sitting right here. I guess you're on your way to Cleveland for game six of the NBA finals tonight. Yes. Cleveland absolutely golden state and it'll be such an exciting game. Heartwarming spot, Craig Seager, giving him a chance to call it. You don't see this kind of collaboration where talent is loaned to another network but Craig, you see him, beloved member of the NBA family known for crazy jacks and just an icon really but never gotten a chance to call an NBA finals game because he works for tnt. Tnt doesn't have the right to the finals. He was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. Out for about a year. It was in remission. Now it's come back so ESPN reached out and invited him to do this and it's just a great collaboration. He's going to get to call his first finals game. Guy, if it hadn't gone to game six he wouldn't be able to do it because he's going through chemotherapy. If it would have ended in five he wouldn't have been able to do it. Meant to be. Yes. As for the game the Cavs took game five and golden state, warriors all star dram Monds green is back. Another key player Ou Andrew Bogut. Yes. What does it mean. Sunny, do you want to take this. Seems like you wanted to do the reporting on the game. You know I like basketball, T.J. Yes. But, no, draymond green, all eyes on him. He was suspend for a dust-up with Lebron James and took a swipe at his man region, if you will. Draymond is back for this game and we shall see but they can get it to seven games and being going back to Oakland possibly for the two best words in sports, game seven. Game is tonight. Thank you T.J., Jeff, sunny. Game six 9:00 P.M. On ABC. Coming up in just two

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39898156","title":"Stanford Sexual Assault Trial Judge Benched From Upcoming Case","url":"/GMA/video/stanford-sexual-assault-trial-judge-benched-upcoming-case-39898156"}