Fans Worry as Tom Brady Misses Practice

Team says the QB is sick just days before the Patriots will play for a chance at the Super Bowl.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for Fans Worry as Tom Brady Misses Practice
what some would have you believe is growing panic for patriots fans. Tar quarterback tom brady, missing practice on wednesday. Now, just days before the big showdown against the denver broncos. For a chance to play in super bowl xlviii. The team is saying he's sick but not a whole lot else. Gio benitez with the latest. Reporter: We are investigating this. Good morning. The question right now, where in the world is tom brady? He had said last week he had a cold. This week disappeared at practice and fans, they're worried. It's the quarterback clash that everyone has been waiting for. The winner goes on to the super bowl. Tom brady versus peyton manning but will it even happen? Brady's playoff participation now up in the air after the new england patriots' star quarterback missed practice wednesday for the first time all season. We're told brady arrived at the stadium and then went home sick. But head coach bill belichick wouldn't say much more. We know you thought that but I'm not doing it. It's typical of him to play it close to the vest. He would not speculate about his availability or address his health. Reporter: The $57 million man's mystery illness sparking talk on the airwaves. He didn't practice during championship week. Reporter: Sending anxious patriots fans into a panic on social media. Some playfully you remembering his wife to nurse him back to health. Should fans brace themselves for a brady-less game day. The backup quarterback ryan mallett has his cleats ready just in case. I was ryan mallett today. Reporter: There is a ray of hope for pats fans. Brady was so sick before the 2005 afc championship game that he needed iv fluids but he still played. That didn't force him to miss that one. He won't miss it in denver. Reporter: He could announce his plans at a press conference friday. His team flies out to denver later that day with or without him. By the way, that 2005 game when he was really sick he helped the patriots win 41-27. And while the team isn't saying anything about his illness, the practice report also says brady has an injured right shoulder so let's just hope he gets better soon. Said that every week for his entire career that will have him in the hall of fame sooner rather than later. I hope he makes it. So shocking because usually bill belichick is so open. And really giving with information. Thanks, gio. To a court ruling that could

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{"id":21553864,"title":"Fans Worry as Tom Brady Misses Practice","duration":"3:00","description":"Team says the QB is sick just days before the Patriots will play for a chance at the Super Bowl.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2014-tom-brady-sick-patriots-fans-21553864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}