Super Bowl 'left shark' breaks his silence

Bryan Gaw, the backup dancer for Katy Perry who went rogue during a Super Bowl halftime show, has revealed what really happened during the show.
2:24 | 02/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl 'left shark' breaks his silence
??? That moment right there, one of the most viral in super bowl history. Left shark, he stole the halftime show with Katy Perry. And just this time for this year's big game. Now breaking his silence. Wow. T.j.'s got it. But breaking silence but going rogue, George? Is that what you think you saw there? Everybody remembers it. People were watching this. They were saying, what is that guy doing? Can he not hear the music. He seems to be so off. The guy behind that now years is speaking. His real name is Bryan Gaw. He is now a hairdresser out in California and he says you don't understand art because he said what he was doing was freestyle choreography. He was doing this intention agoly. He had the authority to be goofy. He said I'm a seven-foot shark. Of course, I'm going to be goofy. I don't know if you buy it, guys, but he says this was planned and he had the okay to do so and check this out. He now uses left shark on his resume. He lists it as one of his accomplishments in life. And he says it works for him but he's finally speaking. I got to say looking at it three years later I thought it kind of worked. Yeah. Now we know the real story. How about this year's super bowl halftime with J.T.? Justin Timberlake. Some behind-the-scenes exclusive footage of the rehearsal. Roll that beautiful just continue Timberlake footage and you see his foot. And you see him stretching. He put this out a couple of days allege. Guys this, is under such tight wraps. They keep it so secretive about what they're going to do. What they're not going to do. You won't see 'nsync. You won't see Janet Jackson in any way, shape or form in all likelihood. Why you got to say it like that. Well, I wanted to be clear you're not going to see any Janet Jackson. I'm not supposed to be mentioning her name right now. They want it to stay under wraps. But we'll see what happens on Sunday, guys. He'll put on a good show and you always do too, J.T. -- T.J. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Bryan Gaw, the backup dancer for Katy Perry who went rogue during a Super Bowl halftime show, has revealed what really happened during the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52761869","title":"Super Bowl 'left shark' breaks his silence","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-left-shark-breaks-silence-52761869"}