Siblings' Life-Saving 14-Hour Swim After Shipwreck

The Suskis' Fishing boat capsized on their Caribbean vacation.
4:07 | 04/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Siblings' Life-Saving 14-Hour Swim After Shipwreck
Now to the dramatic survival story of a brother and sister shipwrecked on their vacation. Kate and dan suski spent 14 nours open waters after their fishing boat sank. They're here for an exclousive interview. First, here's rob nelson. Reporter: A four-hour fishing trip that turned to personal. Dan was battling a 200-pound marlin when disaster struck without notice. Water flooded the boat. Sending them and the captain and first mate into the rough waeter as they watched the ship capsize. It was completely surreal, watching the boat, stern down, go sub surface and seeing it underwater eporter: IN THE WAVES, THEY Quickly lost sight of the captain and mate and embarked on a terrifying swim, thinkening they could die, with images of the stranded diver in the movie "open water" fueling their fear. Oh, my god. We could see land off in the distance and started swimming that direction. Reporter: And then, 14 hours into it, some hope. They came upon a sliver of beach where they survived on bananas and mangos, until help arrived a day later. For "good morning america," rob nelson, abc, new york. Kate and dan suskii welcome to new york. You look great. Thanks, all things considered. Any injuries? Joint pain. Ankles and shoulder. Take us back to the moment when this began. What happened? I was there fighting the marlin. It was a big one. The captain said about 400 pounds. There fighting the fish. Gett tired. About 45 minutes in. Heard a loud noise and looked back in the cabin the. The captain looked at us. The captain went in, saw water in the fore cabin. Looked in the engine compartm compartment, it was about 70% full. And just went down. Minutes later, it seems like, it just went down. You were together for awhile, at some point you lost sight of the captain. He wanted you to stay together. What made you say, I gotta swim? I got to go towards that land? I felt anxious sitting and waiting. I was starting to get cold. When I was moving, I felt a lot better. We thought we could see land and it was the thought of just waiting -- we waited for an hour. He had called in the coordinates. He wanted you to wait. Yes, yes. Eventually, we decided together to start swimming. We saw the -- saw a plane fly over. And then a helicopter. So weigured they were looking for us. They were between us and land we started swimming faster to try to reach them. But they -- disappred and flewthink, back to land. And by that time, we had lost the captain. You had seen this movie, "open water." I had.

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{"id":19064738,"title":"Siblings' Life-Saving 14-Hour Swim After Shipwreck","duration":"4:07","description":"The Suskis' Fishing boat capsized on their Caribbean vacation. ","url":"/GMA/video/suskis-siblings-boat-sinks-swim-sea-14-hours-19064738","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}