Terrifying Cirque Du Soleil Accident Puts Olympian in Hospital

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:07 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Terrifying Cirque Du Soleil Accident Puts Olympian in Hospital
And we're back with the big board. Breaking down more of today's top stories. We welcome Bill Nye. You're coming right up. Starting with the terrifying accident with cirque du soleil on Sunday. It put olympian Lisa Skinner in the hospital. One performer died in 2013. And the Wall Street journal saying this is one of the most dangerous professions out there. First of all, good news. Lisa Skinner arks cording to reports from cirque du soleil, is now in good conditions. In terms of what can be done more bodily, there's a governmental agency, osha, that deals with safety in the work place. They've monitored cirque du soleil. They've fined them this the past. On the whole, cirque du soleil apparently does a pretty thorough job of safety and security. It's part of that I do every day if what is a dangerous job. The biggest problem for the workers, if they're injured, when they're injured, they're getting worker's comp. That wasn't designed for cirque du soleil. By taking worker's comp, you typically waive your right to sue for negligence. The most dangerous job in America? Logging. 1 in 1,000 people die on the job. Wow. You mentioned finances. How protected are circumstance performers financially? What are their legal options versus say a professional athlete snanchts lot of comparisons are made. The professional athletes are unionized. They're not use unionized. Cirque du soleil, a contract of a year to two years. They don't is the right or benefits that a professional athlete would have if and when they're injured. The majority of the injuries, when it comes to cirque du soleil are not the once we see typically. They're much more minor injuries. Dan, thank you so much. Moving on now to an extremely bizarre and dangerous medical condition that left six people dead, sent 8500 others to hospitals throughout Australia. It's known as thunderstorm asthma. Triggered by a rare weather phenomenon. I have never heard of this before. Hat is thunderstorm asthma? You have rooi grass with a lot of pollen. Poll season very shark, spiky pollen. It's high winds. Sometimes it gets moist, the pollen spores burst or explode. They get down to less than a micron. Really small. Gets in your lungs. Pieces of spiky pollen. You're allergic. You get it. Australia was founded by a relatively few European population. If your ancestors had this genetic predisposition of asthma, you have millions of people living there, that same gene would be passed on. 8500 people went to the hospital. That's a lot. So many people here in the its have European ancestry. What can people do to protect themselves? Stay inside. Everybody has a little bit of allergy to something. If cow can stay inside during the extreme events. By the way, are we allowed to say snit an extreme thunderstorm? Climate change. Ky say that. Sure. You cannot connect any one storm. We had tornadoes in November. This big storm surprised nerve Australia where they're quite used to heavy rains. I saw Becky Worley shaking her head yes talking about climate change as well. We'll talk to her about cybermonday and the holiday deals. You have all kinds of tips. Including one that surprises me. Clearing your browser can get you better deals. Science and factses are supported here, as well as fek nothing. You know how ads follow you around? Retailers can see you coming back to their site to look at an item. We know prices can change. Person to person, minute to minute. You want to make sure your browsing his I have not working against you. Delete it before you go back to make a purchase. We have instructions on our website how to do that. An app called slice. You give it permission to comb through your e-mail look for receipts for online purchases. It tracks when your item ships. It monitors prices. If there's a drop after you purchase, slice alerts you and helds you get a refund. Wow, I love it. I gotta get that today. What to buy? What hits rock bottom? You're going get ready for my rapid fire shopping advice. Deals today, electronics, android phone, external had drives. Small parts, hdmi cables. Laptops, cameras, head foens. Any gadget Amazon makes. New category, clothes. My son's pants are all high-waters up around his shins. Hello, 50% after old Navy. So many are blanket discounting their entire inventory. Gift bundles in budty. Lots of bogo dpraels the fancy soap chains. Here's my shopping quiz. Amy, you're excepted. If George and bill can answer this, I'll eat my arm. What does bogo stand for. I have a very good idea. M allowed to say that. Buy one, get one free. Wait, don't answer that. He does know everything. That can't be all. All right. Guess what?

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{"id":43819101,"title":"Terrifying Cirque Du Soleil Accident Puts Olympian in Hospital","duration":"6:07","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/terrifying-cirque-du-soleil-accident-puts-olympian-hospital-43819101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}