Texas Marching Band Epic Fail Gets the Great 'GMA' Do-Over

The Lake Travis High School marching band gets a chance to avoid the tuba pileup.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Marching Band Epic Fail Gets the Great 'GMA' Do-Over
We're kicking off the "Great gma do-over" series. We have all seen the things go viral for sometimes the wrong reasons. Epic fails. We're giving them the chance to make things right. And raising the bar. It's all about lake Travis high school marching band today in Austin, Texas, rising to fame after a massive tuba pileup back in September. We sent if an expert to whip them into shape for a live, do-over performance. Before the big moment, here's a look at their road to redemption. From buzzer. Beating basketball blunders. To ding-worthy diving disasters. Youtube is brimming with buzz-worthy caught on tape fails. The gold medal for the most epic gaffe, that might just have to go to lake Travis high school's cavalier band. From Austin, Texas. The award-winning ensemble rose to internet superstardom after the tuba section fell like dominos in a September halftime show. I was this the very back. The kid if front of me stumbled. Another person fell, another. Reporter: The video was an instant hit, racking up almost 2 million views. Here's one for the blooper reel. When we first saw the video, we had no idea it was this big. Five six. Reporter: Now, a second chance for the cavalier band to perfect their performance in the spot light. The great "Gma" do-over to the rescue. We teamed up with the brains behind Ohio state university's best damn band in the land, including John waters, known for plotting elaborate formations with his band mates. He used an iPad app called drillbook next to design a pattern for the cavalier band. All weekend long, the band prepped for the big moment to shine. I walked into the stadium tonight and without seeing a step or hearing them play a note, I know they'll do this. Reporter: And for the tuba players two proudly ware their claim to fame on custom t-shirts -- We have what it takes to redeem ourselves. Reporter: They say they're more than ready to show America. Everyone is pumped and ready. Reporter: -- Their fighting team spirit. All: One, two, three, never look back. Mulligans are us. Before we show them do it right, one more look. A tuba pileup to end all tuba pileups. They brought in the folks that dot the "I." And now, Sara Haines is there live. That's right, josh. Now the crucial part in this routine happens in the first ten seconds. They're going to attempt to do that backward walking thing that tripped them up last fall, and a new formation they have never done before. I brought in the cheerleads to help me get them started. Ready, guys? All: Let's do it over! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Yea! Whoo! And they did it! Now, right now, I'm with John waters. The band director from the Ohio state university best damn band in the land and their band director, Richard. You help them out. How did they do? They were awesome. They nailed it. This is a tremendous band. And the possible seven-man pileup they nailed. America loves tubas now. Are you proud? I am. They work sod hard. It's been amazing. Did it look as good in the studio as it did here? Yeah. It was awesome. 10s all the way around. Perfection. We consider this no longer tissue no longer a viral fail. We're bringing in the drill team. Come on in, guys.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Lake Travis High School marching band gets a chance to avoid the tuba pileup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22646648","title":"Texas Marching Band Epic Fail Gets the Great 'GMA' Do-Over","url":"/GMA/video/texas-marching-band-epic-fail-great-gma-22646648"}