What happened to the child star from 'Big Daddy'

Sprouse appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about the CW series 'Riverdale.'
18:43 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for What happened to the child star from 'Big Daddy'
Calm down. RG premier just became a police state records he was disturbance of the ones you can do. Turbines don't kill that stuff. The police do some toner McCoy to act on him cooling. And quiet he just rest and all my friends for no reason. You can't get any Winamp thank you. I'm sorry but what happened and how it happened as for baby. You shouldn't be talked. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you with pop in in the culture. And if you're not watching TW and the team Riverdale and you shouldn't even talk to me. I just. I'm a fast and I admit it. I have no shame because this. Has been described as Archie meets twin peaks. And I guess it's a little bit of that it so much more but my guess today colts brass and pleas judge Ed Jones hello. I don't think you're the area. Just wait how about how would and expert. A local a welcome and a lack gotten some sailors returning that's right. Hello well I've been at sea wrestled long doing. That it. I understand. That despite the fact that I just did human intro in the tenth how to rip it you just go when you were offered. The part you said lacked. Now it's like. I thought it was like not something you wanted to do. No no I I was ecstatic I mean debt ya auditioning process was was grueling but. It was mainly I. Once once I was offered the part that was over them and but I was having a dilemma of who. Whether I wanted to return to acting and all because I was coming from this sort of agency lists childhood career in. I'd never made the choice to go to acting and so as a child and actors. Or is a child actor you you have a complicated relationship with. One your finances. But. How to look at the industry as something. More or less than an art form. And my relationship and acting by the time I graduated college was. Like that of an old lover. And see if I was to return to. This kind of ministry it had to be an interest in project and had to be something fun and it had to be. Romantic. One of the things I love about judge so much is that he's a characters on the outside and we get to watch what's happening. On Riverdale almost threw his size teacher is an aspect of care he's done. And our story continues. You know to do that but I had heard and you can disabuse me of on this that you were first auditioning for Archie or they wanted you to. Play guard and sent the audition for Archie. And I had read one of the auditioning scenes the editing scenes and it was. He was talking it was his best friend Doug. I had a falling out with and I really love the character that I requested that the side sides project and I found out he was the narrator which I also really enjoyed. On it was because I can control everything. Right it was a power. Let's just get was like I gotta let this gets in my head right now. No it it was mainly because I didn't know how active role he was actually going to be in the show. And we had only been sent the pilot we didn't know what the rest of the season look like so it was kind of iffy as to whether. He was even going to be you're more active part of which we I I thought he was just gonna keep his distance from the rest of the of the characters in the town and simply narrate his experience as this kind of outsider. And for me and us returning acting I had. About was the AG a comfortable place to be here because I didn't necessarily have to be a fully active participant of this world while simultaneously being consistent present force. So for whatever I islands. Having a dialogue about at the time I I thought this was the most appropriate choice. Project intend there are some meaning specific things that people who read the comics to do that you need to being. Right I think he's got a kid is counted in arguably the greatest departure from the characters in the guy he's. We all are now and as that seasons go on we all make increase departures from those characters but. Judge had was. Judge get in the digest is is kind of like an imaginary friend. I mean he's he's almost not. He's he's almost not real to the town he's so calm neck. It's almost. It's it's it's almost like vaudeville I mean he's he's eating all the time he's just the goofy punch line he's kind of the button of the scene. Eating every gains a pound never gains of pan right he's he was kind of the Stoner friends that different and that same Shaq had yet seem wimpy from Popeye and what that error was doing his ranking out of the characters. But they're not so much in fashion anymore. So we had the firings well robredo was tasked the planet we need to care to relevant and modern and ands and his his crown as kind of a representation. Of awaits news to modernize that to an audience could understand it and I just a little more. Well how is jagged like you we're not like you. I think I see a lot of myself. As a teenager especially when bombs going through puberty and a lot I had considered myself and a I was very cringe I was very and it. You know but I was fascinated with this paella and it is kind of narcissistic thing about ID. Wanted to exclude myself from the people around me not only because I was working in a sound stage at the time but. Because it fascinated this idea of me being entirely unique which is another conversation coming from an identical plan but. It fascinated this idea that I was this this kind of entirely unique figure in this otherwise larger. Social context. I think a lot of us. Within the US grow up with that I understanding especially teenage years we find ways this. And emphasizing that in and employing and we. That was me and that's jug head as well judge it is. This character that wants to distance himself because he thinks it's. Right he fancies the kind of it's a very pretentious thing to do I mean he's writing about the town around. He hits. And he can beam pretty sarcastic about a area at times but what I feel when I'm watching this and watching jagged especially. Is. The thing with his father you know who is be connected to this serpents and that's murder and there's every and he's in jail on that. The love between. Father and son is very clear it's very clear the disappointment is oh he's this club. Right pad season two gets a little. That gets. It definitely gets morally gray because here's this character junkets father whose undoubtedly. Done. You made wrong choices and and jacket still has this fundamental primal love for his father. That that's familial and that he carries throughout season one and season to. And he's willing to make choices to try and free his father even though his father is. In the eyes of his society. A bad guy and has done wrong and has made mistakes in granted his hand was gonna force than any instances but he still. He still need those choices season. Season Q picks up of that narrative pretty quickly on and he. Jackass and a valuing to himself how. How his relationship with his father could actually be -- we Afghanistan. Rather abstract. Then. We'll how. How are you getting along with ski Ehrlich will only I mean this is do you see that together are reinstating. Yeah there's. Nowitzki is also one of those actors that kids 210%. Evil and it's not his coverage and he's also a great guy I mean we built a chicken coup together and realized so clearly we're. The bonding experience is going above and God's. I never thought of that as a bonding experience but everybody out there ever build a chicken soup with your politic. Who brought that earth day of her. They ought to build a chicken coop but when you win away to cop when he decided I mean in deed this the issue always have it in your mind that you're gonna come back. Now I actually never anticipated return really would just gonna be gone yeah I I mean. I also didn't anticipate the rise of social media and the kind. Continuity of relevance that came laugh with social media I I expected my brother and I would go to college for four years. And we would sort of fade out gracefully and now that was kind of what I want at the time to have this this. Remnant of childhood that people would still find this like the school in the stout about from India with a just walk the streets and can. But social media really hung on through us ands. I'd studied something completely different. And I had a job after that and then was applying to grad school and my manager and asked me to come back for one week in pilot season and this was. Already a dilemma in the and it's LK OK fine yes but I don't get anything and I'm so grateful OK. Art. Yes that well. I have these other facets of my life that are taking off and if I don't and a booking anything. I just don't see the point. And I mean and my other careers and are now your brother feel exactly the same reason that he did for a little bit. He started back seeing a bit more now. But I think the point is is that we both have this very long. Relationship with acting that. Can be complicated and we have to really judge but thankfully we. You know that we were given an amount of privilege in the industry where we had worked for. This long time and we were put in a more financially stable position which allowed us to be our own patrons and any sense which is something that many artists don't have the privilege of doing that I feel. Thankful for and also allows us to cure it our our older careers if we end up choosing of that which is something I a don't take for granted. What always fascinated me about you and you and your brother growing up together and when he played the same part B cuts of the easier for that economically if you're in big day ahead. Heady with Adam Sandler I always wondered. He's each of you wonder who Adam like best. You'd hope or think you mean because it has to be your brother well at that revealed little sibling. We understood well there's always a sibling robbery but I think a lot of that was put on from. Our society. And and I think. If you're an identical for an especially. With the idea. Male competition that already runs as an undercurrent through our society. You serve as a microcosm for that competition. In in at large and I think. People would ask us all the time who's better at this who's bigger who's smaller who's this who's that who's smarter who's faster who is this. And I think during puberty that about really affected us of course we. In the other companies and on the ground the hell out of it in I think. We're in for. Child for child stars. You know there's an immense. There's an incredible loneliness that comes with the isolation. From your society and from your peers. You either learn how to cope with and healthy in healthy ways worry that you ends up destroying you in many people end up falling victim to that. He always had you and your brother had each of right and that's what I was gonna say was that. We were very lucky to have someone who had gone through the exact same set of experiences. Who we could discuss and have a dialogue with why it affected are so on and so forth and I think. That is an advantageous position have we also knew that. What we were dealing with business were younger I mean we're exploiting. Child labor hogs. By having two of us on Stanton and doubling the amount of time we work. And this is like a cult classic financial acts exploit and I think. We ended up. Caring and threw her over periods it's an act of Great Britain when you go and we studying you are in NYU. Yeah I was studying something. Super techie I was I was saying Senecal geographical information systems and satellite imaging it's kind of like virtual card topography. And I would apply that's archaeology I would build. Like predictive models and and that. Try to reduce all the chance involved in archeological survey. So that we would know exactly where to look for artifacts man ruins and so on won't meet you didn't did. I. It was something my grandpa was geologists. With I always had this kind of fascination with not only the earth sciences. With ancient history in. I ended up studying in school I did it I. I had traveled all over the world on on excavation and that I was working in sun dean G. Basements. Archaeological lab after I graduated before I applied to graduate school. I'm have to those billions of dollars that you and your brother may yet be Elliott. Riverdale Iowa exits in a billion billion episode you can go back to that if Riverdale is it renewed for season ten rest. You're right back to argue that you know what you use deep all of that that attention that social media world but it's now back. Everything is that I do want social media I see here is nineteen things that I don't know about calls. Out here they off. What we're just kind of funny because my whole childhood has been on TV so everything has been record we all now right yet nobody now tone. We cannot does your photographer. To yet. That was really the career that was taking off. Before I return acting which was giving me the freedom to says. To say I don't necessarily need to go. Go back to acting my my photography is doing wonderfully in this really taken on portrait it's fashion that's what is more fashion editorial I started doing landscapes stuff on enhanced I was doing travelers. And then. Being in New York living in the are sort of swept up in the fashion editorial world and just sort of carried that into. Yes social media who would be the importance of the image is so much greater now than ever has been before. We digest probably 90% of our information based on imagery now. So it's a good time to be a photographer and I. I ended up just scaring them into a professional as well if you go on social media and cook on you you're going to see on that he took photos of your coast artery running their own beautiful thing I've taken a bunch of photos and cast a nod at the I'm also. I'm also lucky enough to be on a set where the some photography is a priority so the sets are lit wonderfully. The that you steal on the line I basically am thief I'll act. The just so wrong and it now it's. I think that lead to huge success right in retrospect I would be a fool not to capitalize on line. Do you in your brother are that you good critics of each other do you react to each other's work yeah we and we watch each other's work. And I prefer my friends family not to watch anything really just don't look at me right. But my brother is. You know like what we're putting. Auditions on tape or something for each other we're suggests. Number but I need that. You know I think he did you do that if that someone if someone feels afraid its value. Honest criticism that union you never won and proof. Granted sometimes it's been the cause of many flights of hours yet. But I'm telling you guys these three guys take Democrats. Yeah you you can't tell me why don't know anything. Yeah well this is your first time on the show so you really don't know that it ends in song. Before the desolate at every Disney career there. Three not for me although that's flat out and anything so how. Really. Read I happen to have seen an episode. In which he did on Gilbert's on. Let them so you're line just also I lightly at the role pulsing at the rose got I'm arguing in navy your name have to know. My mom wanted to create a narrative of artistry. Mac Engel worked for her just a guy named Cole worked for my dad. Just destroying the whole myth right been built around here right dude yeah this blustery. No matter who comes out and we always do a few bars some I hope you're Joseph I'm not joking every crew. True every when. I'll let what you what you know you're I wanna hear I'll deal with if I can market let the guy and he's unhappy to hear you start. I can't start asked an Internet service that makes me to only has not nothing makes him. Yes I don't your heart and better. Made a brief speech. Now they do know that he remembered me yet need all I can go. Unforgettable. Give me of the ultimately. Ayala do it do it call routes do it. Unforgettable. On the floor get up. Oh a that's what's your father. On lord let me. Both near. Somethings and things done and mall as you it's. I'm. That's so great that you did unforgettable and forgot all the the year and for an excellent way of doing or added remember. The greats who that you really great to me.

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