Tim Tebow Offers a Look 'Through My Eyes'

The NFL star talks about his new book, his foundation and working at ESPN.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Tim Tebow Offers a Look 'Through My Eyes'
Happy birthday to Christie. Tim Tebow is here. We'll have a chance to chat with you. You have so much going on. Your new work with ESPN, your foundation that's very important to you and your book but you have been working hard to get back in the NFL. Let people know what you've been doing. I've been training hard with Tom and Adam and really just going back to the mechanics and working on them every single day just trying to improve and honestly feel like right now I'm the best that I've ever been and feel great. You feel better now. Heisman trophy winner, two national championships and played in the NFL and you think right now this is the best you've been. Yes, without a doubt. Oh, ma'am. Just want to clone you, want to clone you. You're changing the mechanics because you know there were some critics that said your style, your mechanics were not suited for the NFL. And so we went back to the beginning. We worked on the basics and we did thousands and thousands of reps until we felt great with it and I feel great and looking toward the opportunity to show that. How has your faith helped. It helps in every aspect. The hope and drive it gives you and purpose and every single day and a situation like this you don't know what the future holes because you know who holes your future and gives you hope and peace every day. You know you have your followers, you have people who are devoted to you and your critics who say you shouldn't try and do this. That you are not an NFL player. So what you just said help you -- It's always great to have the support and definitely means a lot to you, all the critics, they're motivators as well so I try to use everything as a positive situation and both sides I see the positive. That's right. We saw you, the BCS championship game, again, working with ESPN, you're going to be working especially in the fall as an analyst on the new channel, S.E.C., the new network and you missed by only one point calling that championship game. You had Florida -- Just beginner's luck. Oh, come on. You were one point off. It was a great game. What a national championship game and it is going to be an honor working on S.E.C. Nation and being part of the S.E.C. And awesome for me the past four years at the university of Florida being part of the S.E.C. And now being able to be a part of games and being able to give fans an in-depth look at what it's like to play in the S.E.C. Will be fun for me. Are you going to be able to be critical and that analyst -- I'll be able to share what I believe, whether it's positive or negative and there's a way that you can do that and sharing the facts without demeaning people, as well. Again, can we just clone you? That's true. You can get your point across but you don't have to bring people down or players down. Absolutely. To get that. You are very passionate about your foundation, the Tim Tebow foundation. Tell us the philosophy behind that, establishing it. Our mission statement is to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. We have a lot of different ways to try to do that whether through a hospital or Timmy's playroom or wish kids and we're doing a lot to try to make a difference and we don't say we can change every kid's life but we do think we can bring a smile, we can bring a little bit of peace and hope to someone's life and that's our goal with every kid we meet, every kid we help. Every time we come in contact with someone. I know you spent a lot of time growing up in the Philippines and doing special things there too. In 16 different countries and it's fun because I was born in the Philippines and to be able to be a part of that and have a hospital there and working with so many different great organizations on our relief, you know, building back the churches and homes and what that does is it builds back hope. That's more important than anything else. So many people lost everything but when you can give them a little bit of hope and go beside them, believe in them and build back their hopes and churches and where they go to worship, that hope is more important than anything else. It's intangible feeling there's somebody there that believes in you and will give you hope. You do give hope to a lot of kids and a lot of young people and you talk about wish. Wish 15 and there's a young woman here, Marisa. Uh-huh. She had a form of cancer. Thankfully she is in remission and so you're rolling out the red carpet for her. She's been so awesome. Such an inspiration. To have her and her mother here is exciting because, you know, she's not just someone -- she's someone that beat cancer and you can speak on that better than anyone, but it iso amazing to have her and have her as an inspiration to me and it works in the opposite way. They inspire me and they care about me and it's just amazing to be able to have her here with us because she's been such an inspiration. I know she's an inspiration to a lot of people in Florida, as well. She is. Back home in Florida. Yes. So is your inspiration back in the NFL, is that still the dream? Is that still the dream? Of course, of course. Keep hope alive. Yes. Absolutely. You've been a great sport.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The NFL star talks about his new book, his foundation and working at ESPN.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22311402","title":"Tim Tebow Offers a Look 'Through My Eyes'","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-offers-eyes-22311402"}