Tips for scoring the best deals this Black Friday

ABC News' Becky Worley shares a roundup of pro tips to help you save big on your Black Friday shopping this year.
3:28 | 11/23/17

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Transcript for Tips for scoring the best deals this Black Friday
Thanksgiving, Turkey on Thursday then Black Friday shopping on Friday. Well, not anymore. ABC's Becky Worley joins us from San Francisco with the big discounts live online right now and hitting stores in just a few hours, so, Becky, good morning to you. Happy Thanksgiving and we have so many things to talk about in terms of shopping because we know that people usually wait until tomorrow but that is no longer the case and Thanksgiving now itself is typically the best day to get those sales online. We talked to Hur Alex Perez earlier who is also showing us certain stores like Walmart and Best Buy open today as early as 6:00 A.M. So people can start hitting the stores before they even sit down for their big Turkey meals so is it true, Becky, Thanksgiving is the best day to shop? Yes, I say unfortunately yes. Some people like they're shopping on Thanksgiving and some people hate it. There will be deals all weekend long but predictions are that today, Amy, will have the deepest price cuts. So this is one of the only times of the year to get discounts on popular smartphones? Today and tomorrow, best times, summer is tied to cell phone plans and activation so you may have to go down to the store. The Samsung s8300 off at best Buy and 8 and 8x. Get $300 gift card with your purchase. The apple watch is $179. That's $70 off. This is the apple watch 1 and the Bose 25 headphones $179 at the Delhomme store. That's $100 off and these things rarely go on sale. Great presents. Yeah, that's incredible. Great prices and speaking of great prices, television sets going very low over the next couple of days. Always huge this time of year. There is a door buster Samsung 55-inch 4k smart TV at Kohl's for $350 and $100 gift card back for a Samsung. A great price. At Best Buy it's not the top of the line brand but a killer price on a 50-inch sharp roku, $179. The lowest we have seen for a 50-inch TV. Any other big discounts? A couple gift ideas. A kitchenaid stand mixer for $149 at meijer. $50 gift card back. That's a good price, right? This is the smallest of these, I call them the Ferraris of domestic domesticity. 99 bucks. That's great. $150 off. Get cozy, Amy. $60 off family pajama sets at Macy's so you and the hubby and your daughters can be like the pajama family. A good look. Kmart has a great set of gifts for under 10 bucks. We're talking about $9 for kitchen appliances, 5 bucks for board games and 2 bucks for a Barbie. Pretty impressive. All right, Becky, those are great ideas and I think you should invest in that family pajama -- Tory Johnson got my wife and I onesies a few years ago and we wear them. We do wear them. You will never get a picture. There will never be pictures and we'll never discuss this again.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares a roundup of pro tips to help you save big on your Black Friday shopping this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51338848","title":"Tips for scoring the best deals this Black Friday ","url":"/GMA/video/tips-scoring-best-deals-black-friday-51338848"}