Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Time Off

The New York Times shared tips to taking advantage of time off and hitting the reset button on your brain.
3:18 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Time Off
Yes. A lot of us are trying to get the last little bit of summer. Having great weekends and vacations and all that. And we saw something in the new York times. This is really trending number one right now. It's saying when you do get away, unplug. That you're at your best -- hit your reset button on your brain. Social networking and e-mailing should be done at designated times, not constantly throughout the day. Take time to let your mind wander, daydream. And a nap, even a ten minute snooze can boost your brain power. It was a little bit forced upon me. I was in areas with no wi-fi. Those are the best. And no TV in one place we were. I do agree -- it's hard not to check in at all. But one time during the day. Pick a time. Just check that one time. Skpfr And turn off the Dings. It's waiting for me. Your friends may be on to you, take you to no cell zone. They know we won't leave you alone. It depends on your work. Can you depletely unplug? I need to. I thehave to make an effort to do this more. It's helpful. You become more productive. That's what they're saying. Next in the heat index, most of the time people can't get enough of adorable baby photos. And doctors have posted pictures of the babies they delivered in their offices. But a story in the New York times saying this is on the way out because a law makes it illegal to do so unless they get written permission from parents. It's protected health information. I walk into the pediatricians office. It's Christmas cards that the parents sent. You have to fill out the forms and there's an expiration date. They're making it hard to connect and share with the people in the office. I think it's kind of sad. We want to hear from you. Is there anything wrong with the baby board at the doctors office? Tweet us, I have a feeling I know -- Yeah. All right, speaking of children this morning. Also on the heat index, one of the top story on buzz feed overnight. Every baby sitter's nightmare come to life. Asking the friends to watch a 6-year-old. They get a briefing from the dad, and they realize how much could go wrong. We'll check in with dad and the parents to let them know how the baby's doing. They start listing the different things that could happen. A dinosaur just chased them down. An alien spaceship beamed them up it's shark week, watch out for jaws. When you have a 6-month-old, you can understand. I'm telling my mom how to take care of the baby. I think I might have done this before, thanks. I baby sat for your girls, and your daughter ran into the wall. She was like this. She is not making it up, she did run into the wall. I was like, she'll wake up soon. She's fine. She's fine. Like mother, like daughter. Next up on the heat index, cosmetic confession welcomes millions getting botox

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The New York Times shared tips to taking advantage of time off and hitting the reset button on your brain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24925482","title":"Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Time Off","url":"/GMA/video/tips-time-off-24925482"}