Tom Bergeron Reveals 'DWTS' Secrets, Talks Toys for Tots

The uber-host dishes on the show's frontrunners and discusses ABC's Season of Service Campaign.
4:12 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Bergeron Reveals 'DWTS' Secrets, Talks Toys for Tots
than host extraordinaire, the Mc of "Dancing with the stars," America's funniest home videos, author. He does it all. Yeah, really. But we want to say he's part of toys Fors to the with Disney. You're going to be telling us a little bit about that connection. But first, the ballroom. Alfonso, how are they doing? They're doing great. Alfonso, you mentioned, who had a carlton-related injury to his groin when he did the Carlton. There he is limping -- yes. I offered medicinal support as part of my hosting duties. I'm trained in that. It was too, witney hurt her back. She did. That was actually with all respect to Alfonso, scarier to us. Because in the dress rehearsal, she landed on her back and knocked the wind out of herself. But for a few long minutes we didn't know what happened. You couldn't tell in the routine. That's amazing. The pros themselves are athletes. And their ability to recuperate from an injury or the party the night before is remarkable. They play with pain. They do. And Twitter questions for you. Lorraine Johnson wants to know, will you ever dance just once? I did. In season two, sadly, still available on youtube. I did -- I did a quick step. Sort of a comedic quick step because I wanted to know what they went through. Training and doing it. And it was -- I'd like to think I could do it a lot better now. But it served its purpose then. There's always -- this season. There's always tomorrow. Not this season. I think I'll wait until I summon the courage. I want to ask about the show, Leah re mini filled in. She was hilarious. She did. Erin is off covering the world series for an upstart network. And Leah came in, she was a contestant in season 17. She and I get along famously. She knocked it out of the park. Speaking of knocking, we saw her hitting -- She brought up a point no one brought up. Derek is so used to, he should be, he's brilliant, the 9s and the 10s, that the idea of him getting a 5 or 6, that broke me up. Took me out of the show I was enjoying it so much. Keeps you on your toes. Exactly right. Yeah. So "America's funniest home videos," the last season? It's my last season as host. That's what I meant, for you. You have been so great with that. Thank you. I'll have done it for 15 years when we finish this season. Since my hair was chestnut brown. But it felt like the right time. That's all it is. Felt like the right time. Yeah. Less work, more living. There we go. Do we have time to mention the toys Fors to the? Plenty of time. 25 days, if you upload a tickling video -- of you being tickled, don't attack anybody else. To "afv".com, they will donate $25 up to $25,000. Ya da Ya da Ya da. There's a video of nothing. I'm getting tickled. That was the perfect tickling video because that animal was talking, George. There you go. You are the absolute best. There is nobody better on television than tomberg Ron. I'm telling you. And great what you're doing with toys Fors to the. Thank you. For more, go to "Gma" on Yahoo!. And tune into "Dancing with the stars" at 8:00/7:00 eastern on ABC. You bet. And we'll have the next booted couple. And fly all night long to be with us. And booted. Good to have footwear. Thanks for the plug at the end of the show.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The uber-host dishes on the show's frontrunners and discusses ABC's Season of Service Campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26369804","title":"Tom Bergeron Reveals 'DWTS' Secrets, Talks Toys for Tots","url":"/GMA/video/tom-bergeron-reveals-dwts-secrets-talks-toys-tots-26369804"}