Tom Cruise called out in lawsuit over 'American Made'

The family of stunt pilot Alan Purwin is suing the movie's producers for wrongful death after Purwin died as a passenger in a plane crash.
4:59 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Tom Cruise called out in lawsuit over 'American Made'
tonight" on MARIA. That major lawsuit involving Tom Cruise's latest movie. Family members are suing the producers after a plane crash killed two pilots and Amy is here with all those details. Two people were killed in that 2015 plane crash in Colombia while filming "American made" and court documents are showing why the family wants to hold the producers responsible. We are ordering you to land immediately. Let's land. Reporter: This morning Tom Cruise is finding himself called out in a lawsuit involving his latest action blockbuster "American made." You never saw me. Reporter: The family of stunt pilot Alan Purwin is suing the producers of "American made" for wrongful death after he died as a passenger in a plane crash following a 12-hour workday. In court documents obtained by ABC news, Purwin's family say lapses in planning, coordinating, scheduling and flight safety led to the fatal crash in the mountains of Colombia. The family alleging the pilot who also dieds lacked the necessary experience for the flight. While cruise who is famous for doing his own stunts and last month even broke his ankle while shooting his latest "Mission: Impossible" is not named. He is mentioned in court documents and lawyers for the stunt person's family say Purwin enjoyed a good working relationship with cruise but the demands of filming in Colombia together with cruise's and director Doug liman's enthusiasm for multiple takes of lavish flying sequences added hours to every filming day and even citing an e-mail saying director liman and cruise are adding entire scenes and aerial shots on the fly. This has become the most insane expletive I've ever dealt with. Last month while promoting the movie liman spoke about the intensity. Outrage chase sequence, we're treating airplanes like cars. No one has ever done that before. Reporter: Purwin's family's attorney saying we do not hold Tom Cruise at fault at all for this accident. He's the actor. We blame the studios and the director. We did reach out to Tom Cruise's representative for comment but have not yet received a response Let's bring in Dan Abrams and former editor in chief of "People" magazine, Larry Hackett. Tom Cruise and the director not being sued. What does it mean they are mentioned in the legal documents? Using sort of legal terminology too, right. Using the term like negligent. They are partially to blame here but we're not suing them. They're suing the producers of this. The question becomes, did they need to include them in the context of the lawsuit or is this an effort to draw Tom Cruise's name into the lawsuit. Now, they would say that Tom Cruise's very relevant in connection with this because he was responsible for a lot of the length of the days, the types of shots that they were doing, et cetera. But to be clear, Tom Cruise is not being sued. Yet the suit claims that Tom Cruise could have flown the plane because he's a pilot. I don't know what that means. In the context of a lawsuit saying that the actor could have flown the plane instead of the stunt people who are hired to fly the planes to me doesn't mean anything apart from a sort of personal attack against Tom Cruise. Right. Larry, the trend across the movie industry is push the envelope and the audience is sitting there craving this kind of action but is it a way of doing it to be a little safer. 35 years ago this was the famous "Twilight zone" movie. Vic morrow the actor died. Two children died during the filming of a scene about the escape from Vietnam. A horrible thing that happened in the United States and a lot of changes occurred after that. There are ways to do that. The fact of the matter is I don't think Doug liman or Tom Cruise knew exactly how dangerous it might have been. You don't know whether or not these pilots had been complaining to the director and saying you're putting people in danger. You don't know if anybody was speaking on their behalf but as you say whether it's with cgi and things like that there is a push for making it more dramatic. Doug liman spoke in that reel and knew what had happened this happened two years ago so knew it was coming. This movie is being sold based on this kind of adventure and suspense so that's going to be -- The pilots' families are all suing each other as well to determine whoas flying the plane. Who is responsible so there's a lot of finger-pointing. You can understand why the families are upset. I don't mean to minimize that. Larry, does this have any impact on Tom Cruise professionally, personally. I don't think so. It may drag or put some attention on the film, right? It's no coincidence the suit is filed now and the movie opens next Friday. This is a conscious effort. Thinking of the families. Yeah. To lose a loved one in any kind of way. If the movie is released to get attention, so be it. Thank you.

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{"id":50022486,"title":"Tom Cruise called out in lawsuit over 'American Made'","duration":"4:59","description":"The family of stunt pilot Alan Purwin is suing the movie's producers for wrongful death after Purwin died as a passenger in a plane crash. ","url":"/GMA/video/tom-cruise-called-lawsuit-american-made-50022486","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}