Yearwood on Weight Loss, Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

Country music star reveals how she was able to shed weight while managing a busy career.
3:25 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Yearwood on Weight Loss, Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak
We have trisha yearwood. A grammy winning country star, best-selling cookbook author and host of a show. "Southern kitchen" about to start its third season. We're so happy to have trisha here. You obviously just hit all the pages of the covers of all the magazines with this amazing weight loss. 30 pounds. Everyone wants to know how you did it. Well, I just -- I always just say, the name of the cover should have said "i'm hungry." It's really -- it's really just eating less, moving more. I really was careful about making sure to tell people i don't have a secret and it's a struggle. It's a battle for me. Like everybody who battles their way, you have that conversation, am I going to eat the cookie? You've lost 30 pounds, eat the cookie. You have this conversation in your head and sometimes you win the battle. Sometimes you eat the cookie. I love you so, no matter what you don't deny yourself those guilty pleasures every now and then. That's what you'll crave if you don't. You eat sensibly most of the time -- then you hit the treadmill or do zumba. I went to a class and I was immediately obsessed. You know, it gives you a false sense of confidence that you can actually dance which I cannot but I think I can so now I do it in the kitchen. Oh, there I am and it's just fun. You burn a ton of calories and it was a nice addition -- see, i got no moves, I got nothing. You got moves and groove and in addition to the calories you burn you have your favorite dishes which you showcase in your show, good for you and fun to eat. You have an appetizer. A lunch and entree, right? Let's take a look at them. This is edamame hummus. Do I reveal? Yes. I'll take it from you. This is just basic, you know, hummus has olive oil, lime juice and use edamame instead of garbanzo beans. Fantastic. These are mini meatballs which, you know, this -- this is not the healthiest thing if you eat the whole platter. If you have a -- if I have one. Yeah. Mm-mm. Combination of lean ground beef and pork, onions, garlic, bread crumbs. All that. Chicken piccata and a marinated vegetable salad and the salad is really great. It looks hard. It's not. It's so easy to make. It's breaded in egg, flour and parmesan cheese and a simple like you brown it on the stovetop and really super simple. Fantastic. I want to make sure we get this in before you leave. I know you live in tulsa. You're from georgia but live in oklahoma now. A few hours away from moore. I know you had some thoughts you wanted to share about the strength of the people of oklahoma. I'm just -- you know, when something hits close to home, it is just different. We see tragedies on theews daily about something but when it's that close to home, you feel a little bit differently and I've just been so -- I've been here so watching it on the news like everybody else and I've just been so proud of the people of oklahoma. Always say I'm a georgia girl but I'm an okie import and proud to be a part of the oklahoma -- I'm sure they're so happy to hear that support. Thoughts and prayers going out. Trisha yearwood, season three of trisha's "southern kitchen" premieres on the food network. Get her recipes on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!.

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{"id":19241438,"title":"Yearwood on Weight Loss, Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak","duration":"3:25","description":"Country music star reveals how she was able to shed weight while managing a busy career.","url":"/GMA/video/trisha-yearwood-weight-loss-country-singer-weight-loss-19241438","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}