Twitter changes coming to curb abuse

Tech Crunch's Josh Constine says "to make progress they need stricter rules, and for artificial intelligence and human moderators to team up to remove hatred".
2:32 | 10/15/17

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Transcript for Twitter changes coming to curb abuse
??? Welcome back. Well, changes are finally coming to Twitter to curb all of the abuse. The move follows some users holding a 24-hour boycott after the company temporarily suspended rose Mcgowan's account earlier this week. She was vocal on Twitter, calling out people in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Twitter took action, saying she violated their policies by posting someone's phone number. Josh is joining us from San Francisco. Josh, good morning the to you. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. And so all of this new adengs to what's allowed to be said on Twitter, what's not allowed. What kind of changes with we expect? Twitter has had a long standing huge problem with abuse. Despite it's importance, its business has struggled. They have not created the necessary tools. It can't take down individual tweets. That's hi they had to bluntly remove the entire account of rose Mcgowan. The women boycott Twitter movement has pushed Twitter to come up with new rules in the coming weeks that will prohibit unwanted sexual advances, hate speech, nudity. But the eggs will be able the to exist, won't they? All of us here, probably everybody watching, has been the victim of someone else's keyboard counsel. What are we supposed to do? Twitter and Facebook are facing the the same big problem. Trying to be a pro-free speech network allows trolls to bully people into silence until these victims leave the apps. If you have been a victim of abuse, you should report it to Facebook and Twitter. But if they don't do anything to help you, post about it publicly so that these companies can't get away with permitting abuse. Put the companies on the spot is what you're saying plrks lick. I like that. Exactly. Real quick. You to think the efforts will go far enough to protect people? I don't think these are going to do enough to help. Because unfortunately, Twitter is worried if it bans harassers, people will leave its app. It has to make itself more safe if it wants to grow into the true home. Online discussion. I gotta tell you, nothing gives me more anxiety sometimes than opening up my Twitter account and seeing some of the responses. Josh constian rks thank you. ". Nows" is next.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Tech Crunch's Josh Constine says \"to make progress they need stricter rules, and for artificial intelligence and human moderators to team up to remove hatred\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50492061","title":"Twitter changes coming to curb abuse","url":"/GMA/video/twitter-coming-curb-abuse-50492061"}