Typhoon Haiyan's Impact on the Philippines

Ginger Zee tracks the latest on the powerful storm.
2:36 | 11/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Typhoon Haiyan's Impact on the Philippines
We'll turn now to the disaster in the philippines, where officials fear the death toll could reach 10,000. We're now getting a clearer picture this morning of the extent of the massive damage, abc's ginger zee is here with the latest. Ginger, these numbers are expected to climb? It's stunning, too, the actual storm is well west of the philippines. Now we get to the second storm. They don't have water. They're searching for food. Poweut down. Beaten and trampled. This morning, we get a closer look at the fresh wounds behind that historic storm in the philippines and the terrifying look at the moment of impact. The early numbers are staggering, the associated press is reporting nearly 10,000 people are feared dead. Amidst the ongoing rescues, at least 150 are confirmed dead and more than 9.5 million people were affected by typhoon haiyan. I spoke to my husband earlier that day, he was telling me that there was water everywhere. So many still flooding, roads choked with debris, relief could take days. What will I do now? My house is destroyed. I didn't anticipate the winds to be that strong." Haiyan brought storm surges as high as trees. Leveling towns and villages. We just made mass graves for 155 people who have died. "As time passes more heartbreaking images. I have some good news, the storm now heading toward mainland here, vietnam into china the great news it's really weakened, it's not made another landfall and won't as much as a typhoon at all. Category 1 hurricane, if that. The rains cause quite a bit of mudslides. We'll have much more on the nation's weather including a lot of cold. Dan? Those images are horrifying and we're just starting to learn what hapned there. Ginger, thank you.

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{"id":20842835,"title":"Typhoon Haiyan's Impact on the Philippines","duration":"2:36","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest on the powerful storm.","url":"/GMA/video/typhoon-haiyans-impact-philippines-20842835","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}