UConn women's basketball team 1 win away from milestone

If the team wins its next game it will have won 100 consecutive victories this season.
2:25 | 02/12/17

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Transcript for UConn women's basketball team 1 win away from milestone
A lot of heat coming from the UConn women's basketball team. They're on the verge of a milestone number on a record-setting winning street. Paula's segue game is on fire. Yeah. This is an exciting thing. Diane's been watching the the story. It is, indeed. This was supposed to be a down season for the huskies. They lost a lot of big players last year. They've had a tough schedule. And yet, they have not only set a new record for the most consecutive wins in the NCAA. They're just one game away from breaking into completely uncharted territory. A triple-digit winning streak. 99 in a row. And counting. Reporter: This morning, the UConn women's basketball team is on magical run. Doing something no college basketball team has ever done before. 99 in a row! Reporter: That's Natalie butler sealing the deal on a 99-game winning streak. With the century mark on the line. Reporter: After blowing away southern methodist university Saturday night, the number one huskies have their sights on a new goal. There's just something about that 100 number. They're competing against their own previous records. To show up 100 games of a row and never have enough of an offnight that you're unbeaten, that sun deniable greatness. Reporter: To get to it, they have to go through the south Carolina Gamecocks. We're going in in a tough environment. Reporter: It won't come easy. Could be Monday. Next week end. The following week end. We're going lose. It's not if. It's just when. Reporter: Still, fans are hoping it's not anytime soon. With the big one coming up. Reporter: And for anyone thinking maybe the huskies have been lucky. Of their 99 wins, only two teams have come within even the points of them. So they're pretty good. They should just file for the wnba right now. They're in a league of their own. They truly are. Haven . Reporter: Your question, haven't they done this before? Yes, at 91, they beat their own record. Your son was born in December 2014. Yes. He wasn't born the last time they lost. It's making me realize how much time has transpired. The longest two years of my life. Coming up on "Gma" this morning, thank you, Diane.

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{"id":45438430,"title":"UConn women's basketball team 1 win away from milestone","duration":"2:25","description":"If the team wins its next game it will have won 100 consecutive victories this season.","url":"/GMA/video/uconn-womens-basketball-team-win-milestone-45438430","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}