USA Women's Soccer Star Carli Lloyd on World Cup Win

The 'Golden Ball' winner describes how she visualized her final game hat trick.
3:17 | 07/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for USA Women's Soccer Star Carli Lloyd on World Cup Win
The U.S. Women's some Ek team trounced Japan to take the cup. The game's big star joins us now. Carli Lloyd, congratulations. Thank you. Pretty amazing moment for all of us. I'll say it was. Now, you said before the game, you were going do whatever it takes to get the job done. You convinced yourself. Sluicely. Um, you know, we didn't come here to take second place. We came here to win it. And, there was something different in the air. These last few games with our team. I think we all believed. We all knew it. We felt it. And, what a convincing win today to get it done. I'll say it was. No one has ever scored three goals in a final game. I was Reading, you visualized scoring four goals in the finals? Ments it was four or five. Just one day running, got my headphones in, just visualizing stuff. Getting superexcited for the world cup. This was probably back in may. Yes, just crazy what the mind can do. It sure was. It was such a joy to watch yesterday. We were all touched as well by that moment where you gave the captain's arm band to Abby wamba clrks. I said, take the armband. E she said no. I said, look. Please take the armband. I took it off my arm. Put it on her arm and, um, you know, just told her. She deserves it. She's been a legend. She's been an inspiration on and off the field to this team for so many years. And, I'm proud to call her my friend and my teammate. So happy for her that we could get this world cup win. Vice president Biden there cheering you on. Got the tweet from president Obama. Could you feel the support from the whole country? Absolutely. I mean, I -- I haven't slept a wink yet. Barely able to get through text messages and some of the social media stuff I had some teammates telling me that Mr. President tweeted me. Got to meet Joe Biden today. So that was pretty cool. Um, but it's -- I don't think it's all sunk in yet. I think in the next few days, things will sing in a little bit more. You're still on the terrific cloud. What's next for you? Yeah, it's a -- it's great. I mean, I think, our team is just superproud. You know, it took all 23 players to get this done. From the coaching staff to the players to our support staff. We all believed in one thing. We believed in making to it the final, winning the final. We stayed true to everything we believed in. We executed the game plan. And we got it done today. And team usa has now won the world cup three times. No other country has done that before. What do you think this means for women's and girl's soccer in America? I think he's huge. The support, the coverage we had was unbelievable. It felt like we were playing in the U.S. The crowd was cheering loud. We could hear them and feel it. The energy and atmosphere was unbelievable. We were all cheering with you. Carli, congratulations again. Good luck in the future. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The 'Golden Ball' winner describes how she visualized her final game hat trick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32246468","title":"USA Women's Soccer Star Carli Lloyd on World Cup Win","url":"/GMA/video/usa-womens-soccer-star-carli-lloyd-world-cup-32246468"}