Video appears to show Colorado cop slamming woman to the ground

Colorado police are investigating a video posted on social media that appears to show a Fort Collins, Colorado, police officer slamming Michaella Surat, 22, to the ground.
5:19 | 04/10/17

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Transcript for Video appears to show Colorado cop slamming woman to the ground
We're back with that confrontation between a Colorado police officer claiming he followed standard procedure and a college student. The takedown sparking backlash this morning but the police department standing by that officer. ABC's linsey Davis is here with all those details for us. Good morning. Good morning, robin. The takedown captured is pretty startling but police say what's also relevant is what happened before it which we don't see on this nine-second video clip that's now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. This morning, Colorado police are investigating this video and what critics are claiming is an excessive use of force. 22-year-old Michaela surat slammed to the ground face first by a ft. Collins police officer. It was posted online this weekend and vent viral viewed nearly 500,000 times in 4 hours. Its caption, two words, seems excessive but police say it doesn't tell the whole story and were called to the scene to break up a fight between surat's boyfriend and another man and while they were talking to witnesses surat who is 5'9" and weighs 115 pounds shoulder checked a bouncer and one of the officers while trying to reach her boyfriend. He used a standard arrest control but her family disagrees saying the college junior and sorority sister suffered several bruises, a concussion and skin contusion. Her family's attorney says we find the response attributed to law enforcement that is a standard procedure if true disturbing at best. Critics say it is just the late nest a corps husband of videos showing what they believe is excessive force like this one from 2015 where an officer was put on administrative leave after throwing a 15-year-old girl in Texas to the ground and sitting on her after neighbors complained she and her friends didn't have permission to be at a community pool. Get that out of here. Reporter: This video from 2014 showing a 15-year-old girl riding her bike being thrown against a car and tossed to the ground after she tried to ride away from them. You can only use the amount of force required to get this subject under control, so you could easily see an investigation is showing that this was over the top, a little excessive. Reporter: Surat has been charged with third degree assault and obstructing an officer now out on bond. The cell phone video does not give the context of the full event and that after the investigation is closed, they will release the officer's body camera video which they say recorded the entire incident. Robin. Waiting to see that. Okay, linsey, we'll bring in Dan Abrams. There are a lot of things we don't know. What are the key questions here. The first one is what did happen right before the incident. The authorizes are right that that is incredibly relevant in assessing this. Typically what you want to ask is was it reasonable and necessary to take this sort of action? And typically that would mean someone is trying to escape, someone posed a threat to society, someone poses a threat to the officers. Those are the issues but with all of that in mind, it's still I think a bit of an uphill battle for the officer just by looking at the nine-second clip but they're absolutely right we cannot make a judgment until we've seen what happened before. Exactly. And we saw in linsey's piece this has happened before. A lot of the reaction has been to this particular woman's size. Does that have anything to do with it. It is relevant, all right. But the fact that she is a college student female shouldn't be as important as her size. So if this was a black man of the same size, I hope that we would be having the exact same discussions about this because it's the same standard which is did this person pose a threat to the officers? And the size matters because if someone is incredibly large and is in some way form resisting that can make it harder to get that person in control and as a result tackling someone could be the appropriate measure. You do a show, a cop show where you do ride-alongs. Have you seen anything like this. I have seen tackles like this. We do the show on A&E where we watch in realtime the officer does what they do and the times I've seen the officers use that maneuver has been either when someone is trying to escape and they're chasing the person down, they then tackle them or I have seen one instance where someone was actively and vociferously resisting. I've never seen one of them happen where someone is just sort of putting up her arm and -- my guess is, look, she was probably mouthing off, right and who knows if that's the case but if she was, that's not enough. Right? It's not enough. What is interesting is it is possible that both she committed the crime that they talk about, remember they talk about her being charged with a crime. Assault for this on the police officer, possible she's both guilty of that and that the officer overreacted. Again, I'm not saying she's guilty because you could say it is against the law for her to do that and yet that still doesn't justify the officer taking that action. As linsey said we'll see the body camera. That's going to be critical. It will answer a lot of questions. Thanks very much. Michael.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Colorado police are investigating a video posted on social media that appears to show a Fort Collins, Colorado, police officer slamming Michaella Surat, 22, to the ground.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46698842","title":"Video appears to show Colorado cop slamming woman to the ground","url":"/GMA/video/video-appears-show-colorado-cop-slamming-woman-ground-46698842"}