Brave Kids Who Saved Brother From Alleged Kidnapping Speak Out

Apparent attempted abduction was prevented after the toddler's siblings chased the suspect.
2:15 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brave Kids Who Saved Brother From Alleged Kidnapping Speak Out
Right now we begin with that terrifying kidnapping caught on tape. You see a man running off with a small boy, the toddler's sister and brother foil the attempt by chasing after the man. He drops the toddler but gets away and this morning we're hearing from the family for the first time. Neal Karlinsky brings us that ABC news exclusive. A man grabbed a 2-year-old baby child and was running with it and the little kid started screaming. Reporter: This morning in an ABC news exclusive we're hearing for the first time the story behind this heart-pounding moment that almost changed a life forever, a man running away with a toddler snatched from a park chased by the toddler's sister and then her brother. What did you think when you saw him grab your brother? I thought he was trying to kidnap him. So what did you do? I ran and screamed. Reporter: 8-year-old delisia and 10-year-old Brendan Wright told us how they sprung into action. What did he say to you? Well, he said, he's nice to kids and he been baby-sitting for a long time. Reporter: Really. So he tried to make friends with you? Yeah. But he lied to me. Reporter: He did lie to you. The suspect dropped 22-month-old Owen down the street after two teenagers joined in the chase. Police still tracking the suspect and hoping to I.D. Him while little Owen is home and doing fine, thanks to his very brave brother and sister. Weren't you afraid to be chasing after a bad guy? No. Reporter: No? I was chasing him because -- so I can get him back for my cousin's birthday party. Reporter: The kids' father was shaken by what happened but beyond relieved and proud. I fortunately am very lucky I still have my son Owen with me, you know, and for my kids to sit there, run after him, you know, that's an act of courage. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Neal Karlinsky, ABC news, Sprague, Washington. Wow. That was incredible. I love that little boy, fearless and focused of he had to get to the birthday party. That's right. Wow, just flat everybody is okay and hopefully they'll find out who did that.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Apparent attempted abduction was prevented after the toddler's siblings chased the suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29549335","title":"Brave Kids Who Saved Brother From Alleged Kidnapping Speak Out","url":"/GMA/video/washington-family-talks-media-toddler-snatched-29549335"}