Water Workout: How to Get Fit Like a Swimmer

Olympic medalist Cullen Jones and fitness expert Mark Verstegen discuss the science behind a swimmer's body and show a workout that everyone can do.
3:51 | 06/07/16

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Transcript for Water Workout: How to Get Fit Like a Swimmer
medalist Cullen Jones and mark, the president of the athletic company xos. They're showing us how to get in swimming shape and the science behind it to have a great workout and everyone can try it whether in the people or not. Thank you very much for doing this little record holder you. You train five six hours a day six days a week. How did you get involved in swimming. It's actually -- I had humble beginnings. At the age of 5 I almost drowned and thank to a lifeguard that it was quick and my mom got me into lessons and we headed the hard way swimming is a life skill. How about those Lipton trials. We got two weeks. Two week, I feel good. All right. I feel good. Mark, should he hit the pool. Let's see what he can do. Let's see what he can do. We got the big pool out here. Tell us a little bit. You worked so many times with these elite athletes. Tell us about the science behind the benefits of swimming. Absolutely. This is pioneering human performance globally and water for the last 0 years been a huge part of that so when you look at water, it's like outer space in your backyard so what it allows us to do I aphi things taking gravity off the body. Decreases the pain and almost any movement patterns, you get cleaner movements. With your joints and knees. Doesn't matter if you're decreasing pain, preventing pain or wanting to perform the balance is where you want to be. In addition to that it gets a consistent resistance so every movement you do can be safe and we'll have a little fun. Let's get the compressor. He's all set. All right. So the first one -- The first one -- Squat. Squat is a core fundamental movement and look at the great range of moment. No pain. Use the weight to get down but how explosive they are on the way up. Completely safe even if you had pain before. We didn't say stop. I still feel pretty good. We feel good. What are you about to do here. In water we can change the depth and change intensity like in a fitness center and clutch paddles allow us to make it difficult like dumbbells we have in a gym. Here's an exercise that gets the upper body. I like that in doing two exercises in one. Big flies going owe we get all our movements here and all that posterior component and lets us move some water and you should see that big power clean movements. It's awesome. I can just see how strong it's making them but if you don't -- if you can't get in the pool there are things you can do. Totally. We do them, right, the push-ups and flies and all these different things. Dry land training is here to stay. Speedo fit. We're able to complement anything you're passionate about doing, decreasing pain. All about the core. This is one of the great ones here. So using the clutch paddles to get great rotation, great hip stability and great torso and core stability and the great thing able to move it with speed. Working the arms like that? Totally. Gets the whole shoulder, hips and torso strong. Whole body workout. The curls and extensions but you don't have to wait for other equipment. Our amount of work done here is great and what's most important with a great global partner like speedo. We put over 70 videos with all the instruction at speedousa.com so everyone can access it and we're all on it. You should be doing it this summer. Everybody in the pool. Let's get in. Yeah. I was afraid you were going to try to push me in. Mark, Cullen, thank you so much. We have to get in shape for the summer and the olympics.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Olympic medalist Cullen Jones and fitness expert Mark Verstegen discuss the science behind a swimmer's body and show a workout that everyone can do.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39656869","title":"Water Workout: How to Get Fit Like a Swimmer","url":"/GMA/video/water-workout-fit-swimmer-39656869"}