Former White House Chef Dishes Secrets From The Kitchen At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

New book "Dining at the White House" shares stories and recipes from the president's dinner table.
5:07 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former White House Chef Dishes Secrets From The Kitchen At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
-- Hello welcome to politics confidential I'm Jonathan Karl and I am joined today by John -- Who served as the White House chef for three presidents thirteen years in the White House. Working as a chef author of an excellent new book on. What it's like to -- and -- and I could make some of those meals at home with some great stories now before we get started you are going to quickly make the chocolate -- is on the cover of your book and by the time we are done with this interview -- going to be right. Be ready be ready to eat too. Bittersweet chocolate and butter. The blend this together we'll take -- any -- We're gonna put that aside here. It already -- -- enough he likes to make a meringue. -- about 13 of this witness -- That into the chocolate chip we'll bring up -- -- here. These are some loopholes. I ordered them Florida to school again. This is -- convection -- At 350 degrees should bring -- up about twelve to fifteen minutes. If. First day on the job it was a description as you you can't that you brought in knives and that's -- walked into the white house with a big Joseph all types -- -- have yet. -- -- -- -- -- First head of the toolbox was and who looted up there and I came in the guys -- up let -- -- people on. And -- well what is an -- area had his service guys the windy -- -- here. -- you came in under George Bush 41. And there really wasn't. There was. I do not like broccoli. And I -- -- -- since I was a little kids and my mother made -- it -- and I'm president of the United States and I'm not -- -- anymore brown. We'll take to get -- are clearly. But when this is there research while there she -- This is reflecting you know hit a lot of time with him but you really seem to make a connection -- -- a matter of you know your loans they were very very -- its. And electoral -- -- with us. Eighties came back to kitchen costly -- really practice we did and we -- behind them it was so emotional. Portables looks hopeful he walked -- to -- on -- -- All those who -- the resident staff and -- had just dropped out and he just said you know. A bold goodbyes had to say this is going to be tough as -- -- people to -- was last four years can't -- -- enough. There wasn't line hopefully just before there were tears -- and. What was it like to see the clintons to renew it if it teenage daughter she was 12 -- the time -- thirteen. You get briefed on what they'd like -- -- -- food they're into it and that you guys were told that book that are there southerners what was Hillary's response that -- -- that's. You weren't there through some incredible moments when -- there you know from September elevens to hold each house Bill Clinton. I did not. Have sexual relations with them what was that like we always made it like -- -- we just make this -- possibly you've never seen. Talk about politics and never talk about politics -- which could you get a sense for -- it. You know this this was a tough -- this was. Absolutely -- -- into the September 11 was because one. I just remember we -- -- second floor kitchen get me to serve -- dinner. And -- -- had successful TV and he had on the news and they were talking about the tragedy and everything you conceive the dust and agreed. And its President Bush came back just looks into the district's ball and he skipped we're overloaded with. And you can see how devastating was what is the White House points lower it wouldn't -- A stock did you get one for the individual that we have a oneself but we don't lease a little while we -- silly heaters -- the dinner two years from now -- -- one hold onto it. We create a menu then we would send it to some -- California and he would try and help pair. Winds would be to make a -- jams in the White House -- -- that are. Old bottles personal pretty much. At most it's pretty -- personal stories that there might be some school -- -- -- -- just what Coetzer points. I think and had. I think it's just a little -- ready to go. You're looking good here so we said he's down here that this is some fresh -- -- raspberries sweet Lou let me choose. I -- that are rich strawberry who blew blueberry and raspberry and this filibuster it -- the pop out like that. You can drop it like this -- powdered sugar initial applicants. That's what it. -- -- contrast it was absolutely. All right -- that's it for politics confidential for ABC news -- Yahoo! News I'm Jonathan colleague if albeit all week long on Twitter at John call or on FaceBook. Thanks for watching we'll catch again next.

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{"id":20986160,"title":"Former White House Chef Dishes Secrets From The Kitchen At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.","duration":"5:07","description":"New book \"Dining at the White House\" shares stories and recipes from the president's dinner table.","url":"/GMA/video/white-house-chef-dishes-secrets-kitchen-1600-pennsylvania-20986160","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}