War Wounded Veteran Joins Team USA Sled Hockey Team

Staff Sergeant Rico Roman discusses the Olympics and Paralympic games.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for War Wounded Veteran Joins Team USA Sled Hockey Team
Only three days or -- is to be opening. Opening ceremonies of -- exciting thing that he and Levy that is going to be exciting and it's you know about a way I can't wait to get so she -- it's like fifty pickup. I'm not -- make up in a warmup at the Winter Olympic can't wait to leave New York -- tell you speaking Avila. It's about an incredible story name is Rico Roman. And in 2007. Staff sergeant Roman was nearing the end of his third deployment to Iraq when his humvee was hit by a roadside bomb and ultimately. That would -- on some one of his legs and then a one day he was introduced to the sport of sled hockey which ignited passion. And is given -- another chance this is amazing. To represent the country he put his life on the line -- your honor and it. As we near the Olympics -- that they believe there are in March to have with us here -- the first war wounded veteran on the US paralympics sled hockey team. Given up -- So -- did. So -- wanted to talk about what happens you do you didn't even realize first thing you were badly injured. -- With every setback you know Liberty Mutual I have this thing where you know you have a chance comeback and rise up from that and so. Yes -- I was running a vehicle checkpoint. And after this -- this vehicle checkpoint -- -- all -- up armored humvees and sometimes it gave clues wires on the ground. Bomb big. -- right in the middle of the road are taking me maybe even nobody in the wrote a dog. Five to -- didn't see any of these signs that day and my vehicle struck I. Had sustained injuries to both my left and right leg and ultimately. Having to. Do an amputation of my left leg but none of these other things would have happened if that when that happens so. Time now mama way to -- rested. 46. Will be the official -- by we had. I had -- Colorado of the ninth it's our training up some more. And oklahomans when he I'm just okay. Let me ask you because -- what is the road. -- it's not normal again because it's a new normal but what is the road like to get to where you are now. It's it's it's rocky draft you know but. I I think my family you know definitely -- my wife my my kids. They definitely motivated me the most to get -- -- of that bed and get right back to where can just be who I was before so. I couldn't do without them that's studying. Get out of the bed you've got a line into the ice big garden and it did happen how the outcome -- -- I was doing my rehab I was doing. One that's gonna MS 150 a -- -- a 150 miles than we did it on hand cycle where you pedal with your arms. And from there they asked me -- should come and -- the sport of sled hockey. And at first I was really hesitant I don't come from hockey stadium wasn't never watch hockey never played hockey but I wouldn't try to mountain was hooked instantly. The camaraderie -- that locker room we have an all better team there in San Antonio. And it was just an amazing feeling being a part of a team again. Can you imagine what it's gonna be like he's the key to compete with -- teammates I don't think it's hit media I don't think it's -- -- -- Keller on the ice. And you know everybody's cheering and you hear those national -- those playing. And the Zamboni comes and cuts the -- -- -- time I I think that's politically chances do you think you vehicle I think we can get -- that they can. And that -- -- the item just like -- seconds that's an amazing feeling. I believe I've gotten a win gold medal with the team in Norway against the other national teams and that means just that a great feeling you know almost felt like you and -- cry I mean it's you know -- -- with. In any it's still amazing to share your story to -- how far you've come because everyone so many of us are all facing different life challenges that were unexpected and happened. In an instant what what is -- -- message to people. In terms of which is motivating yourself to -- one. Put in front of the other things that -- to keep going into -- feared it was no matter what has happened no matter what adversity you're facing because there's something you had to put yourself to to get to where you are. I think so I just little -- you know and then don't taking thru granite. Be happy with what you've gotten you know -- Carter what you want and always tell yourself you can get it and it'll happen. We are still rooting for you and I think you know. Don't waste your time thank you.

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{"id":22374806,"title":"War Wounded Veteran Joins Team USA Sled Hockey Team","duration":"3:00","description":"Staff Sergeant Rico Roman discusses the Olympics and Paralympic games.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-war-wounded-veteran-staff-sergeant-22374806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}