WHO convened emergency committee on new coronavirus

The World Health Organization committee will meet again Thursday to continue their discussion on whether to declare the novel coronavirus a public health emergency.
4:14 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for WHO convened emergency committee on new coronavirus
Cause you know. This is unable only being and a complex. Situation. And I would like to thank. Looked at it was Applebee's leadership. Of they met agencies community. And all remember the so. The community the advisors. And those who made presentations. Live Tuesday commuting the deliberations. I was very impressed by the detail and dictating to and Epps both China us presentation. I also appreciate the cooperation of China us mr. Appel. Who I have spoken ways that are contributing the last few days. And weeks. His leadership. Sending federation of president she and screaming at me had been invited them and I know you're following the action is they're taking. All the majors that have taken to respond. To the outbreak. Today that was Nixon and discussion doing community meeting. But it was also clear that to proceed. We need. More information. For that reason. I have decided to eyes. The emergency committee. To meet again tomorrow. To continue than there is discussion. And a chair and Smith does sound 'cause I didn't weave that Eddie Quist. The decision about where that are remote too deeply as a public held emergency of international concern. Is one I sick extremely. Seriously. And one and only be fed to make. We is appropriate consideration of all the evidence. Out of tin is on the ground being China as we speak. What can we smoke and experts and all visuals to investigate the an outbreak. And get more information. We will have much more to say tomorrow. And thank you very much and would be glad to eye and says any questions you have. But before that though he gave that chance. To that chair and looked at it was sad to say a few words. And after that. My. Two. To say on the actions we have and he commended thank you. I think we are in agreement with with the Chinese authorities who've been very clear and transparent. There is evidence of human to human transmission. And the the evidence points to human to human transmission in the context of close contact with the suspect case or within within the health care requirements of the virus. Clearly and this is not unusual previous size stars epidemics and Mars epidemics have demonstrated human to human transmission to current to Bullock epidemic in Congo has gone through multiple generations of human to human transmission. It is not the existence of human human transmission the purity determines the impact of the event. What matters is the root of that transmission over the we've identified those routes adequately. Coming give the proper advice to break the chains of transmission aware that we can track those chains of transmission. In in an appropriate way and we're back to the simple actions of public health parity identification of cases identification of high risk contacts following those contracts and ensuring that they develop illness that divisive that it quickly killed those other principals so we may go through. Generations of human to human transmission. If the Ruble preservationists still due to close personal contact and welcome correction and the device further the diseases essentially. Containable. The the issues that arise of the unknowns as to whether or not there are other routes of transmission. And occurring and at this time and it is not possible to determine. That absolutely it would appear that the main routes of transmission or along the expected groups of transmission for corona viruses. That is part of the extension of the deliberation of the committee is to further consider these matters to.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The World Health Organization committee will meet again Thursday to continue their discussion on whether to declare the novel coronavirus a public health emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"68460210","title":"WHO convened emergency committee on new coronavirus","url":"/Health/video/convened-emergency-committee-coronavirus-68460210"}