COVID-19 travel safety and the latest on Moderna’s vaccine

Experts warn of a post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 surge following record-breaking holiday travel and Moderna files for an emergency use authorization for its vaccine.
4:22 | 11/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 travel safety and the latest on Moderna’s vaccine
For the latest on Kobe travel safety that's an ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein doctor rousing good morning help you had a nice and safe Thanksgiving you know people who did it. Travel for the holiday what's the proper protocol for them to follow now. Good morning Diane I mean yes he saw record numbers of Americans leaving every air part of the country and probably turn our Switzerland's really concern inch and as usual we have a lot of concern. In which people don't recognize that. Right and exposure would not yield useful wears a cute with people assuming they would. Get it. But if you're filing yesterday you waited you know there were days you see urged to get it is easy you can rely on sheds and he changed right now because people are now. Parish to get an answer to all immigrants such and did you Charlton and of course on top of that scene massive lines and. He issued for testing so you can. All guaranteeing you she's likely change your heart and ten days so that's really should be any Porsche and the back seat is the surgeon a slightly different ways of getting recommend everybody go to their public Health Department web sites seem with a recommendation is she really try to Richard does it. Thanksgiving search for god. Home run and you mentioned Thanksgiving surging yesterday doctor about geez and you expect a close surge upon surge in cases. Thanks in large part chewed Thanksgiving gatherings and and travel that we mentioned so. How our health care workers preparing for this and you think the system in general is prepared. I mean no system is heard from this level. Numbers of physicians and you were hitting record levels ideally is now 93008000. People nice huge right now Justine acidity. To you later in Thanksgiving and our system is just not. Designed to handle as. Many. Younger brain. Clocks and music or global. Fortune died from this are being arson Massachusetts meeting with the C where were six propositions. Each Easter to a level where you don't have. Leash leisure elective procedures are gonna star -- to be canceled again and becomes a secondary. It's just you know about it. Cystic Sharon or Robbie energy and that means he does increase in mortality wish them. All warm toward it and let's talk about this amid Daryn the news a little bright side for us Redmond and is now the second drug maker to submit its vaccine for FDA emergency use authorization. So what do you know about the timing of approval and distribution in whom I get this first and how does this work in tandem with what's happening with Pfizer and their. Our immediate results you represented culmination of the most amazing. Achievements but of course all the science in the world is in immediate difference if we. Two people the FDA has meeting about the concert December cash and in December 17 Madieu. It takes a few used to get better cruel and here he's he's median immunization. This meeting this need to think about our right snitch culture are trying to garner is essential workers vulnerable populations and needs to be we're. Operation were seated in addition to vaccines and to see you see how. English many states have designated more hostile systems and these are the main place for those first and certainly aren't given out. It's all nation hostile. Seas are dry ice gloves finals yesterday it is a monumental. I think that. Asians are ready to finish should be confident that seems. To people but there are limitations. Stewart's nineteen. Availability to us as we can minimize this issue George for the fire hazard in Madeira has left those issues he trees and ray dish. Another layer of complexity is she does regiment rate doubles logistical challenges every single inch. Yeah she doses within a few weeks so again a monumental challenge are incredible scientific achievement. All right so we will keep our expectations tempered and more importantly keep our safety protocols high. I doctor Brownstein thank you.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Experts warn of a post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 surge following record-breaking holiday travel and Moderna files for an emergency use authorization for its vaccine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74462724","title":"COVID-19 travel safety and the latest on Moderna’s vaccine","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-travel-safety-latest-modernas-vaccine-74462724"}