The dangers of mixing sports and too much caffeine: Inside Science

Physician John MacKnight explains how it can be easy – and dangerous – for athletes to take in too much caffeine.
3:19 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for The dangers of mixing sports and too much caffeine: Inside Science
Okay. Whether it's early in the morning or late at night countless people all over the world depend on caffeine for a boost of energy. That includes athletes owners limited information to suggest that. Modest use of caffeine does have value in certain circumstances structures. Thought that the amount of caffeine and some of the ocean products of its too far in excess of not only what's valuable. But also what's safe emergency room visits for people who overdosed on caffeine for students sources increasing year. Inside guy. Store shelves team with energy future acts. There are often right next to the bottled coffees or sports drinks but the energy drinks are usually regulated differently. They're not inherently bad problems I think that the justice are often overused. It makes you feel like their workouts better but reality is when you look at their actual performance. Just as a whole more. Some energy drinks contain almost as much caffeine as the largest amount doctors recommends consuming in this day. Which is fewer than the caffeine found in about six cups of coffee per day. And pediatrician suggested that kids in adolescents don't consume anywhere near that much. So with the same goal energy. Product depending on which one chosen. You may already be in excess you know. Powdered or and hydrants caffeine can be even more powerful for athletes. The putting in there smoothie or whatever else they're using a slippery worked out and take. In the north division go working under the premise that the stuff was convicted field. Incredibly energetic and strong powerful and again. The one I'm thinking in particular the recommended dose is 164. Of Batiste. Who in the world knows how to measure 164 to each. The people who have catastrophic results it's just a mix of we too much stimulation systems can handle it. Studies have shown that adult athletes can benefit from a modest use of caffeine. But consuming more than the equivalent to a few cups of coffee doesn't improve performance says McKnight. After about seven or eight counts of diner style coffee a 180 pound person might start experiencing side effects. Courtroom elevations and nervousness. Agitation. Wisconsin's. Aren't eating your sport participation at all some act. It's also take prescribed stimulants such as at a roller Ritalin for attention deficit disorder these can affect the cardiovascular system and the body's reaction to heat and a similar way to caffeine. Year over stimulated and news try to through some physical activity on top of it's terrible competition. Maybe it's not thankfully bonds cases but its emergency room visits to its boulder. Complications. People have seizures people have kidney failure and turns him. Ending up in the hospital that's why make Knight thinks athletes should skip energy drinks and kill -- plain old water or if they need some calories down a sports during. Sports drinks or great products calories. Fluid electric lights of things and athletes need particularly with prolonged exercise and that's what our athletes need to be focusing their attention on. This is inside sites.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Physician John MacKnight explains how it can be easy – and dangerous – for athletes to take in too much caffeine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"67831129","title":"The dangers of mixing sports and too much caffeine: Inside Science","url":"/Health/video/dangers-mixing-sports-caffeine-inside-science-67831129"}