Debunking the false reason some women are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine

Plus, President Joe Biden is expected to announce a U.S. contribution of $4 billion to global vaccine efforts.
6:23 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Debunking the false reason some women are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine
For more on vaccine safety let's infectious disease specialist and ABC news medical contributor. Doctor Todd Halloran on this doctor Haller and though the woman and that piece was worried about future infertility after getting the vaccine what data. Do we have on that right now. Diane there is no debt on this there's no credible biological mechanism disease if there's no plausibility. That the vaccine itself is going to and affect fertility and in fact remember we haven't heard anything that coup bid nineteen and there's been hundreds of millions of people around the world that didn't happen that have been infected. And we're not hearing about any fertility issues so I do think this is important here is disinformation. Well there we do have to come back out that it's not enough for me to say hey dad. If there is no evidence we also want to see people come forward women who have been infected before it who've. Get pregnant and her healthy pregnancies and an end and normal babies and we want to. Here those voices so we can be sort of an evidence based approach but also an emotional approach. This isn't all about the science this is you know a hard emotional topic so it's very hard. I would say. The. I think you're about to get to this but sell if you're an employer in this situation how do you ensure. That your employees one have the most accurate information out there and how do you navigate what are clearly complicated what waters. So Diane these are complicated waters and you're looking at someone right now who's an employee of an organization that has mandatory influenza vaccinations let me be clear if I don't get my flu shot. This past year I will be terminated. OK so and remember this is the EU are battling the principles of been there since wanting to do good to not do any harm to keep workplaces safe and we know that vaccines will obviously help. Vs autonomy where we want ideally people to deal to make the wrong decisions but when it comes to major public health implications. You can understand why organizations. Couldn't could want to mandate is to make sure that the workplaces is safe as possible. The so what do we know so far about virus transmits ability after getting the vaccine. So good news on this front to remember transmits ability is a complicated. Topic because as we see. Case is going down it's not necessarily all of I'll bet you could you vote natural infection and more must be coming a mile that way could be because we're masking we're distancing but here's the good news majority after a single dose two thirds reduction in finding virus in the back of the nose AstraZeneca did weekly swaps after the air and placebo index teen groups. Eight as part of the clinical trial they showed there was a 50% reduction it finding virus in the back of the nose so we've seen the end there's multiple groups right now that are looking up to us in Brazil in the UK Israel and the other good news is it looks like do you get vaccines you actually have less virus even if you detect virus in the back of the knows there's less of it so there's a good chance to this will ultimately translate into. Decrease transmission we obviously know they're wonderful at preventing. Severest capture moderate infection but now we're trying to see will help decrease transmission I bet it will and studies are ongoing to to show that. That's great news and on that note of preventing infection or some new evidence now showing that just one dose. Of the Pfizer vaccine is 85%. Effective they're fifteen to 28 days after being in ministers so does could this change. The perceptions about maybe delaying those second doses of the vaccine in getting as immersed in as many first doses out there is possible. So more good news right this study out of Israel they've actually has thousands of health care workers want to remind you these health corps workers were mostly young and healthy but what they showed he's got there was a significant reduction in overall effectiveness. Decreasing moderate or severe symptoms after a single dose OK that was as you quoted by 85% but they also showed that there was a 75%. Reduction in overall infections as well that includes symptomatic. And asymptomatic again another clue that what we're gonna see if there were decreasing transmission now I don't want to see that actually translate into. We're we become a single dose you know our world. But I do think for people that need not be getting the Pfizer vexing right after three weeks of return after four weeks maybe six weeks go by. Maybe there's supply chain problems were people can't get it. Eight to twelve weeks I do think that overall debt figures spacing in between first and second dose that it's still be very effective. And then president Biden is expected to announce that the US will contribute four billion dollars. To global vaccine efforts others Vincent outrage to that from Americans. Who haven't been able to get their own vaccines yet so what do you make of this debate. And this effort to help get the world vaccinated when the US isn't yet fully vaccinated. So what are called you know clear up any misconceptions about this president Biden is not seeing that he's taking money. That is going to allow for more vaccines for the United States and shifted over to him to coax. Her that's not the case he hears this extra money that he's going to be putting. Towards armed towards called acts which is basically. And international alliance between the WHO and god be any anything god is essentially. A global organization should try to get vaccines to. The resource poor countries so this isn't just vaccines for the haves no vaccines but I have nots I think it's a wonderful initiative it reminds us remember. This entire pandemic started with one or two cases in Wuhan that was left unchecked and now in the United States not China but in the United States we have the most cases the most hospitalizations. And the most deaths so what happens in one part of the world affects us. How I handled myself affects you Diane so we have to remember that I think president Biden is putting this you know as a priority and I like it. All right doctor Todd Allen always great to have you thank you.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Plus, President Joe Biden is expected to announce a U.S. contribution of $4 billion to global vaccine efforts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76002027","title":"Debunking the false reason some women are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine","url":"/Health/video/debunking-false-reason-women-hesitant-covid-vaccine-76002027"}