Delta variant ‘may threaten the work we have done,’ expert says

ABC News medical contributor Dr. Darien Sutton discusses concerns about the delta variant of the coronavirus, and rates of vaccination in the U.S.
5:31 | 06/19/21

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Transcript for Delta variant ‘may threaten the work we have done,’ expert says
For more on this part of the delta variant in the state of vaccinations in the US let's bring in doctor Darian Sutton an emergency medicine physician and an ABC news medical contributor doctor Sutton thank you for joining us president Biden today in a speech while he was celebrating largely. He did also warn about the spread of the delta very into we know the CDC has called it. A variant of conservatives. Can you just explain to our viewers why this particular strain is so concerning especially for people who are unvaccinated. What we have seen is that this Marion was first identified in India and now is dominant in the UK. Where for example in places like England it has been associated 130%. Increase uses a fourteen to eight sheets were. We're seeing right now and now in the US it's associated with approximately 10%. A new cases now this is concerned because Berrian has been shown to be more transmissible. And in some cases more severe in terms of symptoms are now around but we're still learning beginning or trying to understand whether or not is staring causing severe outcomes in terms the nation's. And desks. The reason why we need to pay closer pensions and this is because this may threaten the work that we have done so far to be quite honest with you hamburger vaccines that we're putting out there and making sure that people are against this virus. Another and our incentive really for adults to get their shot but on that point given this variance high rate of transit disabilities. Should there be a particular concern for parents with children who aren't yet old enough to be vaccinated today need to be taking extra precautions now. Right now what we know is that according to the American academy yeah it's certainly over two million cases. Could be associated with children. I'm in that has been associated with more than 300 deaths. Now that equates to approximately zero point 01%. Risk of death of those children to get over it HE although that percent is low of course every number counts each number represents. A missing scene after breakfast table at a camera that is the morning we want to prevent that it's much of my personal advice to parents or children who cannot backs needed to continue to Washington by wearing mask and avoiding credit space news. Not yet safe to return to life for everyone in we have doctor also seen those reports. Of cases of my L card that is our heart inflammation that are showing up in some adolescents who had taken the vaccine and we don't wanna be alarmist we know. This is a very small portion of millions of Americans who have been vaccinated. But they are looking into it and if there is a link. A frequent. Criticism of the vaccine that we hear from people who might be has a sense is that we don't yet fully know the long term potential impacts of these vaccines. Do it is that a reason for concern due to benefit still outweigh everything I wonder what do we need to know about that. The benefits of vaccines stole what outweigh any possible risks that we are seeing so what we're seeing in these cases of Meyer that is which is simply an inflammation of the heart muscle. Very hard data which is an inflammation around a good lighting around the hearts we're seeing I'll be over seven million children and adolescents who have gotten backs needed a small number. Are coming in the east Adams majority of which are always that seemed to have these symptoms after their second dose. Now again this number is small but it's an important signal to pay attention C. But I want to get there some more context of it so much better there's an inclination that we see in the heart muscle that is associated were many viral illnesses. Many of which include Kobe nineteenth and so what I try to explain or answer is that even risk of the nineteen probably is this possible milder Smart risk associated with these vaccines. And it's important that we take that into consideration when making the decision to get back needs because also advise parents that we eating what their own Briscoe possibility it won't turn symptoms associated the Soviet U one and 1000 children who get more inflammatory system some syndrome associated obit. And of course progressing any hostile leeson's. All lock on outcomes associated with Kobe so. He ended the risk of Kobe far outweighs any risks that we can see that you vaccines and the history and that's the technology behind her backseat. And studied over decades my car diocese treatable usually temporary also right. Yes actually in the study with the American academy of pediatrics they put out a study specifically looking at seven children who happened to have my better after their vaccinations are seven were treated with knobs or oral anti inflammatory medications commonly donors Artie open and they seem to have resolved without issue that's really an issue. And also real quick doctor big picture here. We've now hit 300 million doses administered sends president Biden took office I do think he is correct that. We hit that number faster than a lot of people thought we would. At the same time we will likely fall short of president Biden's goal of 70% of Americans having at least one dose by the fourth of July week. Came out of the gate in a hurry. We might be running out of gas. Overall are we still in good position as a country outer vaccination rate are we still vulnerable how should Americans be feeling right now. I think we're in a good position I think that we should be proud of the work we have done and although we're winning in this race against golden shouldn't simply get up or down on at least more work to do and we can't just take a moment to reflect our achievements until good about that while still knowing that there is work being done doctor Gary inside and thanks to you we appreciate your time. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"ABC News medical contributor Dr. Darien Sutton discusses concerns about the delta variant of the coronavirus, and rates of vaccination in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78369206","title":"Delta variant ‘may threaten the work we have done,’ expert says","url":"/Health/video/delta-variant-threaten-work-expert-78369206"}